First ever gloryhole

I've always wanted to host a gloryhole, I finally built up the courage to do it. I made it out of cardboard I got from lowes. I rented a hotel and set it up, I posted 2 separate ads about it online with little hope of it actually working. I described in the ad exactly what to do. Text me when you arrive at the hotel and I'll reply with the room number, knock, come in and go to the hole. To my surprise I pretty quickly got a text saying "15 min away". Not much later I hear a knock at the door and my heart starts pounding. I hear the door open and close I hear him pull his pants down and sure enough he's already fully hard and through the hole. I start sucking his cock and I hear a knock at the door! I did not anticipate this. The guy starts asking "how is it"? They keep talking while I'm sucking him. Finally I hear a tap on the cardboard and he busts all in my mouth, before I can finish swallowing in comes the next cock, I sucked him to completion and he left. I waited roughly an hour before I get another text, I rush back into position, he sticks his cock in with a condom on, I tell him I'm not going to suck on rubber. I agree to pull the condom off and jerk him off. After he left I didn't get another response but I really enjoyed it. I plan on setting up again soon with a different setup. 2 holes, one that says mouth and one that says ass. Let them choose what they want and also add a tip jar to cover the cost of the room. This is all happening in dallas texas. Let me know if you're interested.

Mar 14


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    • Wish i could find one in kingsport tn

    • Yeah they are hard to find! I am setting up again this weekend in east texas if you're interested.

    • A group of us decided to do a gloryhole, there were 8 of us, we made a wall of cardboard, cut some holes, and the women we be on the other side. And we would just randomly go up to a hole. I knew who was giving me a bj, Lisa was the only female with a tongue ring. We never did that again, but I do think about fucking lisa now

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