Fantasy of sharing wife with friend

While having sex with wife I have a fantasy to see her being fucked by my friend. My friend has a good big cock. I have seen his cock only in placid state while we were having a bath in the cold river water. My cock has a water phobia and while in water it shrinks and only the foreskin is visible. Whereas my friend who is 6.5 of height have a cock which is 4.5 inches when in cold water. Saw his cock while he was soaping it and I wondered how long it would be when in erect position. As I was in the water hiding my shrunk cock, I tried to masterbate but could not. His marriage was earlier than mine and I have masturbated thinking of his cock being enjoyed by his gorgeous wife. His wife has big boobs and matching butts. After one week of their marriage my friend revealed that nothing happened during the last week because of his virgin wife's vagina being too tight and penetration was possible. I assumed that his cock being too large when in erect position it was impossible for virgin pussy to be penetrated. Back I had further masturbated thinking his big cock and his virgin wife. The other day his call came that while honeymooning and in hotel he had his first intercourse and that he had broken her virginity. That day I had too many jerkings. One day while visiting my friends house , I saw her boobs while she bend in front of me to serve tea over to the center table. That day too I had my jerkings and also had a fantasy of holding her boobs and fingering her pussy and fucking dreams.
After two years I got married and enjoyed sex to the maximum in all positions, which I too had shared with my friend as he had with me. Then confessed that his wife after giving birth to their children, had a wide pussy hole and that he used fuck her for hours. She meantime have multiple climaxes and that sex now for him is not that exciting as the tightness is not there. I suggested try the ass, to which he laughed saying his wife is totally against such idea. That day while having sex with my wife I had the fantasy of seeing her being fucked by my friend and myself filming that act and also guiding his long cock into my wife's pussy while my cock in her watery mouth.

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  • My wife sometimes takes an Ambien with her wine. Can be like sleep walking. NO inhibitions, VERY open to suggestions, and NO memory. Haven't shared her like this but thinking of letting a guy taste her pussy and cum on her like this. Here is a vid I have posted of her pussy when she took her Ambien. My email is if you would like to see more and perhaps hook up.

  • I love sharing myself fucking wife videos to my colleagues and friends. I ensure that these videos do not show our faces. Just pass over to them as downloaded from the net. Once in office I played on such video of me and wife in the action and got a thrill hearing their raw comments.

  • I shared my wife with my black friend she loved it. I wasa lil in shock as when he got there she ask if we still was doing a 3 sum i said yes and thought id would bother her a lil in the beginning or something at least but when i said yes she didnt give me time to rethink or anything i blink my eye and she done got up walked away from were i was sitting and just un zipped his pants put his black dick in her mouth so fast i was shocked. How was it so easy to suck and fuck anothers guys dick for her like she clammed she loved me but how can u really love someone if ur so quick to take another dick in her but thts not the worst part she said before we started she wouldn't keep fucking if i stop.....but she lied i finished got dressed and waited while she lay there fucking him for 25 mins with out me after she said she wouldn't. So i got to watch my gf cheat on me rite in front of my face. Cas its not a 3 some if its just ur friend and gf fucking together with out u. I hated it cas heres my girl fuckingmy friend and im haven towatch her smile grab on him kiss hes lip basically make love to my friend if she antacheater idk wat is so i made her fuck in a gangbang to show how uch of a hoe she is

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