Wife passed out

My wife usually does not drink to the point of passing out but a few weekends ago she drank to much and was out cold. She is fairly petite and it was nothing for me to carry her to the bedroom and get her arranged on the bed but it brought back memories of when I was a teen and my sister would get flat out cold from drinking. I would help her friends get her into the house and into bed then later I would go back into her room and play with her. Every once in a while I would even push my cock in and out of her mouth as well but I never did do anything else. I looked down at my wife after getting her arranged on the bed and thought why not do that with her.
I rolled her over onto her stomach and propped her waist up on a few pillows, I could not resist kissing and licking her beautiful ass so I used a wash cloth and freshened her up some then licked her for a while, I lubed up my cock with some Vaseline and slowly edged myself into her. She never moved a muscle and was as tight as ever, I was slowly pulling in and out of her edging myself then I decided to have a little more fun. I rolled her back over then propped her head up a little bit, she has 38 DD boobs and I love to rub my cock between them. I held her head in place and as I pushed thru her boobs I would get my head passed her lips and land on her tongue. She was so out of it that I would feel her upper teeth rub on the ridge of my head and it added quite a bit of sensation to the end of it. I figured that it would be a bad idea to cum in her mouth so I eased back and just rubbed it between her boobs until I came but I managed to squirt some onto her face and lips. I cleaned her up and got her tucked back into bed and she woke up the next morning really horny. She told me to roll over so she could ride me so I did just that with my cock already being hard from sleeping. She was riding me and having a great time then she asked me if I had fun titty f@cking her last night. I figured there was no point in lying about it and told her I had a blast but did not think she would remember anything, she told me she was pretty passed out but still with it and when I started caressing her boobs she thought she would just lay there and see what I did to her. She told me the ass licking was super great and she almost had an orgasm from me licking her all over.

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  • It's happened to me a few times at parties , tbh I love it not knowing what's happened xKazz

  • I have on many many occasions and I have let my buddy have my wife a few times. I have filmed it and keep all the episodes on a memory card

  • Why not bring your friends over too??

  • I grew up with a single mother and I did the same thing to her when I was a teen. She would come home and pass out in her bed... I used to put my cock in her mouth and her tits and I just got to fuck her once. I never knew if she remembered the next day

  • One of my wife's friends called her up drunk off her ass and my wife did not want to go over to check on her so she asked me to do it. She gave me the key and when I opened the door she was on the kitchen floor and some chairs were knocked over. After I checked for any bleeding she was okay pretty much but totally out of it, never even opened her eyes or muttered a word. I got her into her bedroom and was just about to go when I thought about looking at her boobs, which turned into just taking off all her clothes. She is a little curvy but still very good looking, I really enjoyed rolling her nipples in my fingers and playing with her for a bit.

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