Is older better

My sister friend who is much older than me told me having sex with a much old man is amazing and I should try it now and not wait later in life to experience good sex.
What she tells me sounds amazing and for sure I’m not getting anything like that with the guys I sleep with, I’m just not sure I could have sex with a man twice my age.

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  • I'm 23 and my fuck buddy is 72 in December. His cock stretches me so much it burns the first few pumps. When he comes inside me, and pulls out a massive rush of cum gushes onto the bed

  • I first had sex with an older man when I was 23, he was 46. The sex was amazing! Now I'm 29 fucking a guy in his 50s. Sex is great and he is super kinky.

  • I just graduated college and started at a major corporation. There is this guy who is the IT leader and he is super cute. He's older mid 40's I'm guessing. I always do shit to my computer so he has to fix it. He tried to delegate it to one of his teammates, but tell him I only trust him. I'm going to keep flirting with him until he gets it.

  • I would love to fuck a guy at least twice my age, preferably older. I'm a 23 yr old girl but look a lot younger, still waiting for my boobs to come in, but people say I am cute. I am dirty and dying for some old guy with a huge prick to take advantage of me but they always see me as too innocent I think.

  • I am willing to fuck you. I enjoy young ladies I live in school st llanbradach south Wales UK .my name is Gareth Hyde .

  • I am a 63 year old man and it amazes me how many women as young as mid-20's come on to me. No they're not hookers. No I'm not a rich oil tycoon. These girls are just into older men. Maybe it's a daddy complex. All the men in my family got better looking the older they got and I guess I'm no exception. That helps but still...

  • I'm 50 years old, and have sexed up a couple hundred women. Most women, lately, say that I'm the best lover they've ever had. When I was younger, like most men, I thought I was the best lover on the planet. Now, I know that I was probably not really all that good, and that only lots of experience can make a man a great lover. That said, my advise would be to have a go with an older, experienced man who knows how to rock your boat, then find yourself a man your own age and teach him how to rock your boat.

  • How old are you? im 43 and my gf is 26. she has had a lot of experience before but says that im by far the best shes ever had. older men make it about the woman not about themselves

  • I'm betting she's 23 since most of the responders are that age, or, amazingly close.

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