My First 3sum

8 months ago I met a woman at work. We are the same age and kind of hit it off. A few months into our friendship she confessed that she and her husband would swing every month or so. My friend is gorgeous. Tall and skinny with beautiful mocha colored skin. Her husband who I met a couple of times is a hunk of a man. 6’5”, 250lbs of solid muscle. He unlike his wife is very dark. They are a beautiful couple. My husband has met them both as well and really likes them. Fast forward to early this year and my husband had to go out of town. Yes, the 3 of us had sex while my husband was away working. But it was amazing. I’m a tiny woman. 5’1”, 105lbs, cute with tiny B Cups. To make a very long weekend of sexual exploration short they had sex with me in every possible way that weekend. Yes even back there. I don’t feel guilty because it was just sex. Amazing sex but just sex. I didn’t even feel guilty when the husband told his wife to watch how he fucked a tiny white woman and he took me. Hard and for a long time. She and I had sex to with him watching. It’s an experience I never thought I’d have and I don’t know if I can stop. They enjoyed it too because they said anytime I wanted to have sex with them was great.

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  • My wife had a 3som before we were married , she had 2 guys and she said she loved it. Like any woman she didn't know what to grab first.

  • Sure , just sex . you're cute alright real cute.

  • My wife did this with a friend of hers and her husband. It happened over an 18 month period. I didn’t find out until a year later when I over heard her talking to her friend saying it’s been too long and they should do it again sometime soon.

    I confronted her and she confessed. Didn’t say exactly how many times but around 10 times. When I asked why she did it she said “the first time was because we were all really drunk and one thing led to another.” When I asked about the other 10 times she looked away and said “I, we really enjoyed it.” Then I asked why she never did that with me and her friend and she said “Ah because it would be embarrassing!” I barked embarrassing how!? She found confidence in my yelling and said “Because I don’t want her to know how little you are. I was trying to protect you!” She stormed out and came back the next day. She’s filing for divorce soon. She said that this was exactly what she needed to finally get away from me and my bad attitude and little dick.

    It is t little. I’m at least 5”.

  • Wow! Have you gone back? Are you planning to go back for another round. Good cheating wife.

  • Good for you have fun

  • In my fantasies the friend convinces my wife to bring me along next time to help

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