Any Mother’s on here want to have sex with their son? I’d love to hear about it. It’s one of my biggest turns ons as an 18 year old guy, idk the taboo nature of it all really appeals to me. There’s nothing sexier than a mother going into her sons room in a silk robe, slowly undoing it and jacking him off. The thought of a son impregnating his mother is hot too. Nothing more intimate. Tell me in detail!

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  • I am married to a wonderful man who's 42 and I am 23 going on 24 and his 17 year old son has been making passes at me and coming onto me big time. Last week I caught him jacking off over a picture of me and he didn't stop. I couldn't move and he continued and my eyes was fixed upon his and he came to me gave me a kiss right on my lips and shot his cum all over my bare belly, I freaked and broke away and ran to my room and closed the door hard but it bounced open a bit but I was cleaning his cum off of my belly and ended up rubbing my fingers thru it before wiping it off of me then out of no where he took hold of me from behind cupped my breasts wit6h his hands and began playing with my hard nipples and I lost it. Well I gave myself to him taking his cum deep in me and kissing a lot and told him this is just a one time thing we can't keep doing this and he kissed me looked me right into my eyes and said Mom oh god mom you're my gal now and you can't say no to me and it's between you and I.

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  • Here's something arousing, my mom's a true sex kitten even at 42, her birthday was last Wednesday, I've ben 22 since the last Sunday of last October, my mom's 5 months pregnant with my kid, she's already started showing, her breasts went from b cups to d cups, the way her panties stretch over her growing baby bump, now close to the size of a vollyball, her 3 inches swath of almost flat tummy, her bra. When I touched her tummy, when she was dressed like that, I got so hard, I mean so hard, I shot a huge load of seed in my sexy nofly briefs. I remember in 2010, when I graduated from middle school at 14, my mom at 34, was dressed all day in her bikini bra, mini skirt, and blouse open, late that night,when it was just us 2, I was in my briefs, she was in her panties, and bra, all sexy thin, that night she took my hand to the front of her panties, was my dick super hard, she was 2 months pregnant with her exbrotherinlaw's kid that night.

  • Tonight, my mom's 5 month pregnant baby bump grew from vollyball sizd to just little larger than basketball sized, she's been in her bikini, mmmm, touching her growing tummy's making my dick wiggle nice, and hard in my speedo, her skin feels soft, she just loves having my kid in her tummy. Yes I'm 22, she's 42.

  • Progresing in her 5th month of pregnancy, my(age 22) mom's (a ge 42) tummy is now almost round, the minute I got home, she lifted up her blouse just now, my kid sure is growing, it's very pleasurable to watch the way my mom's short shorts are stretching over her baby bump, how much rounder her 3 inches of bare tummy looks just above the stretch panel of her short shorts and her lovely lace pregnancy bra, right now I'm so hard, I'm ready to shoot seed hard in my nofly briefs.

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  • Doctor ames with my niece and my mother started it
    Naked Mother
    Feeling it in my tight little swimsuit and my nylon shorts

  • I'll be 19 July 2018, my mom was 33 January. Labor day 2017, we both slept together at a motel, I wasn't comfortable, she talked me into it. Then Saturday before Halloween, we went to a party, my mom's dress bared 2 inches of tummy, I got hard under my clothes just looking at her tummy. That night after we got home, she was in her bra, 2 inches bare tummy, big panties, legs are all skinny, sexy bubblebutt, though her tummy's round like a medium size melon, I remember growing up, it was how her tummy looked, kind of 4 months pregnant looking, it made me hard. Then my mom said "Ronnie." not my name. She took my hand over the front of her panties, said "Feel that love?" I said "Are you pregnant?" She said "I am pregnant, it's yours and mine!" I was so hard I almost jizzed in my tight little boxer briefs. My mom said "How our baby happened, was at that motel, when we slept together on that labor day weekend, I'm so happy, aren't you?" I said "I'm happy." Right now, our due date's early June, my mom's tummy isn't too much bigger at 7 months pregnant that at almost 2 months pregnant, niether are her breasts, when she told me, she looks 5 months pregnant, even for 7 months pregnant. I remember back also back when I was 8, my mom, 23 ten, had on short shorts, and bra, her 2 inches of back was facing me, I was going to go swimming, had on my speedo, then she turned facing me, oh, wow, what a view, the front of my mom's short shorts had been pulled up to her bra, hid her tummy completely. My mom said "Happy to see me Ronnie?" I said "I am." She said "It must be my bra." I said "It's also your shorts too, does it mean you're going to have a baby?" She said "I sure am, my boyfriend, and I wanted to have a baby, that's why I'm in these short shorts, I'm just over 3 month pregnant." I said "I'm so glad you're going to have a baby!" She asked "Are you going swimming?" I said "No, my penis is too happy in my speedo." When my mom touched me there, it felt good.

  • There's a my mom's tummy post that's a turn on too.

  • I posted about my relationship with my mom in the comments section of the confession on We have a son and daughter together with a another son due in May. Being in the delivery room with her when she delivered our kids and knowing they came from the same place I did was beyond hot.

  • If anybody Mother’s want to message me more details you can use that messaging app K - I - K : Tico53 or s n a p c h @ t me at : asleepyguy

  • Test

  • I've pegged my son a few times, and it's become my go-to fantasy lately.

  • I was taught about sex with my aunt but I found out my mother knew all about it I herd them talking on the phone, I could tell my mum was really interested and excited by the tone of her voice my aunt was giving her a blow by blow description of me fucking me fucking her, mum asked my aunt to repeat parts of what happened over and over repeatedly, my aunt said why didn't you show him the way, we both know what incest is like we both have experienced our daddy's dick, mum said I wanted to now he is old enough but I couldent, so that's my comments.

  • I'm a mother in a relationship with my son. My story has just been posted, if you care to take a look.

  • Got a link? Idk how to find yours specifically

  • Https://

  • Check out pregnant mom son story, mom-son incext, young incest, there's plenty of mom son confessions.

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  • Gawd do I agree. in the 80's when they came out with TABOO I & ll, D cup Kay was terrific, having sexual relations with her son and forever normalizing sexual intimacy within the family unit. I give her the utmost credit for starting the march toward making incest mainstream rather than bizarre. Thanks to her, it will never be second guessed again.

  • The fact that a bunch of deviants had their wish fulfillment in those films doesn't mean incest has been normalized. It hasn't.

  • I too taught my son at 13 to masturbate, I gave him his first handjob and it seemed like he cummed a quart .

  • I believe you are a bit confused Miss. What you're saying is it seemed to you as if he ejaculated a quart of semen. The word is ejaculate, Miss. As you were.

  • Is this site truly private.???

  • Why certainly it's private ; as long as you believe the N.S.A. complex in Nevada is bogus.

  • It is, I can’t see your name or anything like that.

  • Alright , I will admit that I have been with both or my son's on regular basis. Until the older one moved out , now I only see him a couple times a month

  • Tricked you, we all know who you are and where your from, don't be surprised if the cops turn up at your door, incest is illegal in your state

  • How is it

  • Wonderful , much better than their dad

  • Good girl!

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