Cam Girl Addiction

I have had a 2 year addiction to cam girls. I've been married for 9 years, but I've never been with another woman other than my wife. This is probably why I find cam girls so exciting, I would never physically cheat on my wife, but something about doing it online makes it seem less harsh. Does this constitute as cheating on my wife? How do I stop this expensive secret addiction? Please advise.

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  • Those sites can be a lot fun, but there dangerous. Every time I’d view one something crazy things would happen to my private information... someone tried to get into my bank account, I’d get viruses on my computer where they’d attach something to my browser , be careful these sites are full of the best scammers and hackers in the business.

  • You don’t... welcome to the dirty world of sex

  • A religious person would say it is cheating, but I would definitely say no because there is no person contact. There are porn addiction help groups, just like there are for many other addictions that can help you. You must pay all your monthly bills so your wife doesn't see your credit card transactions.

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