I have a fantasy of laying on my back naked and to have loads of men surrounding me ejaculating onto my body.

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  • I was gangbanged by 6 guys on a cabin cruiser yacht far away from shore and other boats. I was frightened and panicked when they first grabbed my arms and legs, there was nothing that I could do to stop them, so I just relaxed and let them take turns fucking me. What my favorite thing about being gangbanged is, when their was a guy holding onto each of my limbs, holding my legs wide open, and four guys playing with my pussy and asshole all at the same time. Different fingers inside my pussy and up my ass, I loved it when they were pulling and spreading my pussy open in every direction at the same time.

  • Are you a man or a woman....biologically?

  • Bunch of really strange queer pricks that need cutting if they get involved

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  • I have similar fantasy's too. group older fit men doing that to me
    xxx sophie xxx

  • If l recall the correct confession, sophie, you have had that done to you, or at least have been gang banged. As well as fucking some drunk Polish guys on the street after a Christmas work party?

    Cheers! I loved your confessions, l want to be used by a group of men, too, but do not have the courage to try it.

  • Great fantasy if you're a female. Disgusting, if you are male.

  • Great for me either way. Everyone should love cum.

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