A little surprised

I was at my buddy's house watching football and his girlfriend Jennifer was there. She's really pretty, nice tits and very fit. She was wearing a tight top and mini skirt, and her ass and legs looked great.

We were all drinking heavily and discussed things we wanted to try, and she said her fantasy was to have two guys. I locked eyes with my buddy and he had that light bulb type of look like he was into that too. I jokingly said I could help with that and before I knew it Jennifer took us by the hand and led us to the bedroom.

I couldn't believe my luck. I was going to have sex with Jennifer. I'd known her for a year, and secretly fantasized about her, wondering what she looked like nude. Now I was going to see firsthand. She unzipped her skirt and let it fall and I damn near passed out at the sight. She was so beautiful. My heart was beating through my chest.

Jennifer was on all fours sucking my buddy and said that she wanted me underneath her, eating her from below. I took off her panties and to my surprise she was pretty bushy, like hair growing in her crack and around her asshole. I wasn't used to that, since my wife stays trim and doesn't grow hair there. I ate her out and she tasted good, but damn, she was really hairy. She let me fuck her and she was looser than my wife, really not as good, but I enjoyed fucking someone different and someone I had fantasized about. She was really kind and said it was okay if I came in her pussy, so I did. That was a moment I'll never forget.

I'm not saying it was bad, because it wasn't, but I just wasn't expecting Jennifer to have hair growing in her crack. Anyone else get a surprise like that?

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  • I prefer my fur-burger have fur on it. I've seen a real camel's toe, I'd much rather fuck a cunt.

  • Had to deal with that one time too. Was working in management training with a large retail company with a few other guys and a number of women just out of college, all about the same age. We tended to work lousy hours, night shifts and weekends but spent a lot of time together going to bars and clubs after hours. Another woman and I sort of bonded and became a couple but really hadn't done anything other than making out for a few weeks. One night after work when everyone else cancelled out on drinks after work she and I went back to her place. We jumped on each other as soon as we walked in. She pulled me into the bedroom, we're stripping as we go. She nude when we get into her darkened bedroom and she turns on the light on her nightstand just as we hop into bed. I'm looking for the honey pot and can't believe the bush I see on her. Glad to report it wasn't all that bad though. When I spread her legs to go down on her I was almost relieved to see things fairly hairless. Was actually really smooth. We paired up for the balance of our training assignment and were together about 18 months after that.

  • I agreed to another double with the same girl for my buddy and his girl at a pool party of one of his relatives. We did the mingling thing when we first got there then my date and I found our way to a back bedroom at the house to change into our swimsuits. Well right away I saw she had shaved or gotten waxed because she was bare and magnificent down there. I pushed her back on the bed and buried my face in her pussy. Ate her out for what seemed like an eternity then gave her a good fucking. We pretty much were all over each other in the pool and even fucked in the pool later that night. After that we ended up going out together for a good while. She told me later that on the first date she too was pulled into it at the last minute and didn't have as much time to prepare for the date as she would have liked. She said if she had she would have just had things trimmed but would have had her ass area waxed. She said because it was a pool party on the second date she knew she would have to get a real grooming and was hoping I would go further with things. Eventually we went our separate ways after university but I kind let that happen intentionally. I just wasn't keen on having to contend with that all the time if she let things slip. And by the time we graduated she had put on some pounds and did let things slip a bit. Enough of that for me.

  • Yea kind of experienced the same thing a time or two. Most notable was when I did a favor for a friend and agreed to fill in on a double date. Was pleasantly surprised to meet my date as she had a knock out body and a great personality. We hit it off pretty well and when the movies began we took our cue from our friends in the front seat and started making out shortly after they did. The back seat was very roomy and when I started feeling her she laid back on the seat to get comfy. Of course I could immediately tell she had a bit of a bush when I began fingering her. At that point I'm thinking it's not too bad and removed her shorts and panties to get down into it. In the flickering light of the drive-in movie I caught first glimpse of how hairy she really was and couldn't believe it. I had planned on eating her out but the ass hair made me change my mind. I did finger the her like crazy then fucked the shit out of her. She got off a couple of times and at the end of the night was keen on more dates.

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