I have tead stories and fantasized about my wife’s sister for years
She 5 years younger than my wife ive know her since she was 15.
Ive fantasized about her fir 20 years.
She’s a sexy little sandy blonde
Only 4’11
A ass that i have wanted to squeeze every time i see it.
She weighs about 100 lbs
Not skinny smalltits
I have been to point of obsessed with wanting to see her naked let alone fuck her.
It happened last night. Completely Unexpected . Her son was staying at our house iver the 4rth.
My wife a nurse went in to work at 7 last night
She came over to pick up her son.
She was wearing white shorts
Her ass looked amazing.
Surprised she sat down and was visiting with me and the boys.
The boys went out back and she caught me looking at her firm golden taned legs.
She said what are you looking at?
I said with out thought your sex ass legs in those white shorts ate hard not to look at.
That set the mood. She said yea right if Im so sexy why Haven’t you ever said anything.
Long stiry short we ended up getting each other wirked up and we snuck into basement so boys would see us and I finally got to jold that sexy ass in my hands.
I could lie but i came as soon as i was in her and kept fucking hoping I would stAy hard.
I did and lasted awhile the second round
She was tight and firm as a teenager she is 35 now. When we both climaxed together i told her please don’t let this be the only time.
She laughed and said as long as we can keep it between us why should we stop.

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