Dating a 52 yr old woman

When i was 17 i was sexually attracted to my girlfriend's mom who was 52. she wore high waisted panties or full cut panties. she looked so good and i fantasized about her all the time. fast forward 30 years later, i am dating a woman this age and she wears and looks the same. awesome. I feel like i am avle to fuck my ex's mom. love it

16 days ago

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    • The first woman I dated after my divorce was a 53 year old married woman who was in an open relationship. I was 32 at the time. We met through my boss who is her best friend. We had an intense attraction to one another but called it off when I was offered a job out of town and her friend would not match the offer I received.

    • Back in 2015, I was 20 and just started working with an at home health care company in the Clearwater, FL area as a health care assistant.
      Cathy, the RN I worked with had just turned 50, long straight natural blonde and looked amazing for her age. She was the mother of 3 grown kids and going through a rough patch in her marriage. Her husband confessed he was having an affair with a younger woman.
      It was 4th of July weekend and he was going away to golf with friends in Miami. She was positive his 'girlfriend' was also going. Her kids were no longer at home and had moved away. I could tell she was a little depressed so I invited her to my apartment's cookout and watch the fireworks from my balcony. She was hesitant at first but I convinced her it was a family event & not a bunch of drunk guys with young girls. She agreed but planned to leave before the fireworks.
      She showed up wearing a khaki knee length 'mom' skirt, white t-shirt & white slip on 'mom' shoes. Something about that look got me aroused!
      We hung out and had fun till dark. I was shocked when she agreed to stay for the fireworks. While on the balcony, I put my arm around her. She accepted. Then things got intense! Her skirt came off and she was wearing a pair of cotton 'mom' panties. OMG!
      We had sex! She spent the night! She wore the t-shirt and panties while cooking breakfast the next morning! I'll never forget that experience!

    • I can so imagine the feelings. Those cotton full cut panties. I can stop touching her ass when she has her seamless full cut panties on

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