It can get hard for a son who has a hot mom

My mom has the body of my dreams with her perfect tits, nice ass, and slim and toned body. She looks much younger than she is, and living together you just get more opportunities to see each other nude, or scantly clad. I love her tis, they're so round and firm, perfectly round dark pink areolas, and nipples that are almost always hard poking out. Her ass is still round and firm, and her bush is trimmed for a bikini, but still pretty full. Everything about her body is just what I want. I often think of her when I'm jacking off. I get a little jealous because my friends always tell me they want to fuck my mom.

Last Saturday night both my mom's, and my plans fell through. We were watching a movie on cable when a very steamy sex scene came on. It was almost like a porn because the scene showed so much and went on for so long. I was rubbing my cock as I noticed my mom had her hand down her shorts rubbing her clit. We both had a look of desire in our eyes before we were wrapped in a passionate kiss. Our tongues spiraling around each other, breathing heavy into each others mout. Instinctively my hand found my mom's breast, and I fondled it like I've always wanted to do.

Soon we were in the bedroom, our clothes on the floor, and our deep kissing resumed. I moved back a little extending my arms. I looked down into her wanting eyes, her tits, and her bush. My cock hard as ever, with precum dripping out then end. I grabbed my cock running my head up and down her wet slit, then pushed my cock inside her warm, wet, and surprisingly tight pussy. My mom moaned as my cock entered her, and again but louder, as my cock hit her pussy bottom.

I was in heaven almost not believing what was happening, I was fucking the body I have fantasized about so much. Her muscles squeezed my cock as I started pumping my cock into her. My mom started moaning almost as soon as my cock started moving inside her. As I increased how hard I was fucking her, and my speed, before long my mom was having a loud orgasm as I pounded her clit with my pelvic bone. I stopped until she wasn't so sensitive, then I resumed fucking her pussy, pulling her legs up in the air to my shoulders. It wasn't long before I was groaning as my climax approached. My mom also was nearing her second orgasm. I started smacking into my mom's pussy like a piston as we both cried out with pleasure. I emptied my balls with rope after rope. of my seed shooting deep into her welcoming pussy.

It was the best pussy I've had, better than I had dreamed it would be. We fucked off and on throughout the night and again in the morning. I watched my cock moving back and forth inside her, and her tits bouncing to my thrusts, and the expressions on my mom's face when she was cumming. You never forget that first time of fucking your mom, with the body of your desire.


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  • There are many sons who are sexually attracted to their mothers but don't do anything about it because they assume that there is no chance of anything happening and because of this they miss opportunities. If you're smart about it and learn how to seduce, there is every chance you may be able to bed your mother. Just remember little things count like kissing in the lips instead of a cheek. Maybe lengthen the time of the kiss? When hugging let your hand wonder a little. Just remember, it is possible!!

  • .i'm 19yo, my 38yo mom's 5 and 1/2 months pregnant, thanks to my then 22yo ex-stepbrother since he was 19yo, he would've turned 23 labor day 2019. my ex-stepfather since 4 yrs ago would've turned 50 back in feb 2019, my ex-stepbrother died in june 2019, my ex-stepfather died in october 2018. my mom didn't always get along with them anyway, though she insisted on my ex-stepbrother knocking her up, cuz she wanted to have a baby. it was july 4 2019, when she told me she was 2 months pregnant then. when my mom told me, i then noticed that her boobs grew just a bit, though her tummy was still flat at the time. when i felt her baby, my cock wiggled hard in my boxerbriefs, that i wore as a speedo that day in our backyard pool. My mom had even lifted up her blouse, though just up to her bra, revealing her super highwaist skirt for pregnant ladies, i then noticed her-at that time-tiny little baby bump under the front of her skirt, revealing just a little bit of her tummy between her halfslip and whatever she revealed of her bra still under her blouse. after i got done feeling my mom's baby, i ran to my room wanked in my boxerbriefs without using my hands, then almost instantly, i erupted huge amounts of cum in the crotch of my boxerbriefs. there've been more times i've seen my mom pregnant. labor day this year (2019), her tummy had started growing round, though not a ver big tummy. we both were at the beach, she was in her over the belly maternity bikini, revealing just a little bit of her tummy. my cock wouldn't stop getting hard in my speedo, alot of other guys, mostly teenagers, on the beach got hard in their speedos, cuz of my mom's baby bump, her baby's due the 1st of feb 2020.

  • Yeah.The boobs jumping about like yoyos is the most exciting part apart from the satisfied expression and the cooing.

  • I didn't think any of my friends mom's were good enough looking for me to want to fuck. All my friends wanted to fuck my gorgeous mom. It used to piss me off and make me jealous.

  • Just don't get your mom pregnant - the baby might be born with extra arms or legs!

  • Rubbish!

  • Actually that doesn't happen. Over generations, your blood loses its ability to clot with Hemophilia.

  • Every night, when my mom is taking off her make-up, I get a free tit show. Her nightgowns are thin, but not transparent, but when she gets in front of her lighted make-up mirror, it makes her nightgown nearly see through. Her great tits are in full view as she leans forward with her always hard nipples jutting out. I just want to come up behind her, pull down her panties, and fuck that sweet pussy of hers!!

  • I've always thought my mom was very good looking. I've jacked off thinking of her great body many times. If I thought she'd give it up, it'd take it.

  • Perhaps you should of tried?

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