I masturbated in my 9th grade typing class with 20 other........

In typing class one time I was sitting in the very back of the room. I was extremely horny that day and started getting a hard on. Everyone was busy with their assignment and not paying any attention except to what they were doing. I couldn't help myself and under my desk I unzipped my pants and started touching myself. Before I knew it I had my cock and my balls pulled all the way out through the zipper opening in my jeans.
There was another class room directly behind me that was divided by a wall with windows half way down the wall. The students in that room had began to move around just a few feet away from me and I became paranoid about getting caught. I was chickening out and going to stop when I realized that I was so excited and hard that I could not get things back in my pants while I was sitting.
It became apparent to me that there were only a few ways that I would be able to fix this situation. One was to unbuckle my belt and unbutton my pants, pull them and my shorts down enough to readjust everything. With a girl sitting just to my right and barely at arms reach I didn't think that would be such a good idea as the fidgeting around under my desk would draw attention to the situation.
The other option was to continue with my original plan and masturbate to completion so I would lose my erection making it possible to tuck things in while sitting. Less being seen through the windows behind me I thought I would have less chance of being caught that way. One way or another with the added excitement of being exposed was turning me on so much I don't think I could have stopped no matter what.
To avoid attracting any attention to myself my movements had to be very slow and this made it last what seemed like forever. As I was squirming around and getting into it the girl next to me glanced over at me. The only thing I could think to do was to look her straight in the eye and with a smirk I nodded at her as if to say hello. She smiled at me, her eyes never wandering from mine. I am fairly sure that she did not realize what I was doing.
She turned back to her work and that is when I realized that there were students in the other class directly behind me that had gathered
around a desk just a few feet away from me on the other side of the windowed wall. I turned as much as I could and tried to move as far under my desk as possible to hide myself. I was terrified as they had basically been standing there and looking right towards me.
Just then I was startled as the bell began to ring. At that very exact same time I started to cum. The students in the room behind started shuffling towards the door which was located at the side wall just to my left and behind me. As I sat there cumming and trying to stay hidden under my desk as best as I could, the girl that had looked my way earlier stood up to leave and bumped into me as she was getting up from her desk. She looked at me and said "sorry" as I continued cumming and stroking myself slowly. At the same time the guy in front of me bent over facing my desk to pick something up off the floor. His face could not have been more than a foot away from my nakedness and my cum shooting everywhere. It seemed as if every set of eyes in the room were crossing paths with me at that moment.
Everyone was leaving the room as I finished taking care of business. When I was done, I rushed to gather up my work and books and such hoping that my erection would go away quickly. After several moments I was still as hard as a rock and tried tucking it away without success.
Everyone had left the classroom except for the teacher and I seemed to have her attention. After a moment she turned to the chalkboard and away from me. I knew I had one chance to gather myself together. I looked behind
to see if the coast was clear and I could see the teacher in that class and several other student lingering just behind me. They were merely several feet from me but I knew I had to act then.
I tried pushing my cock back in my pants again, but it was still too stiff and
impossible to do in a sitting position. In terror at this time, the only thing I could do was stand up so I could adjust and pull it back in as it would take way too long to unbuckle and so it sitting.
Without thought or cautions as to who was around me or might be looking at that point I stood up completely exposing myself as I struggled pulling my still rock hard cock and balls back in and zipping up as quickly as I could. I no more than finished when my teacher turned around and at that same time I realized that several other students had been making their way in for the next class. I looked down to avoid eye contact with anyone as I made my way out of the room.


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