Naked Nature Walk

I was a horny teenager at the time, so I had decided to go for a walk into a quiet, wooded area, find a private spot to store my shoes, socks and the rest of my clothes, and continue my walk completely naked.
I hiked around the area for a little while, until I heard far-off voices of a couple of women walking together. I hid from view, but they found a pile of clothes left behind. My clothes.
They eventually left my clothes alone, and continued on walking. I soon made it back to my clothes,
I hid my clothes in a different spot, and continued walking around for a while longer, before I made it back, got dressed and left for home.

14 days ago

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    • FML!!!!!

      I genuinely hate my life, I have a mom that doesnt give a f*** about me and whatever is going on in my life. So overwhelmed at the fact that instead of encouraging me to study hard and change our family situation, she goes away for vacation with her sister and throws all the responsibilities of the house and children unto me, im barely surviving juggling school in the process

    • Late teens my wife (then GF) and I would park my car in the Gamelands parking lot -- which is all dirt roads-- In the summer time hunters weren't there. we had the million aches to ourselves. We get naked and stash our stuff in the trunk and hid the keys on a tire. we'd the walked a path to a summit a mile away - with a 40 mile view we'd fuck like porn stars, snooze in the sun, later looking at view -- Jill on her knees giving me a blowjob was the cherry on top.
      Apparently she played Truth or Dare with her girls on a sleepover and told her girls what we did. We get back and the bitches stole my car. There we are naked except for flip flops. I have no idea about the T or D thing at the time. Jill says "those fucking son of bitch cheerleaders fucked us." And fesses up. An hour later they go laughing 'show us your cunt, Jill." They tell us my car is a .5 mile away.

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