Wife at friends

First time in 8 years I slept alone. Shelly my wife and I had a major disagreement. So she went to stay with her friend for a couple days. I went by her friends house later that night to see if we could patch things up. There was a truck in the driveway I had never seen before. I parked down the road a snuck up to the house looking in the windows. Most of the main level rooms were dark. The house is a ranch home and the guest bedroom is in the basement. I snuck over to the basement window but the lights were out and I couldn't see anything. I was just about to leave when I heard my wife giggling. I realized I couldn't see her, but I could hear her. I sat down next to the window and listened. Sure enough she was talking to someone. A male someone. They were laughing and talking about stupid shit. Then I hear my wife tell him no they couldn't have sex. I couldn't make out exactly what he was saying but then she said no again and that she was still married. This went on for probably 10 minutes with her telling him no. Then it got quiet. I couldn't hear anything and I thought they had left the room. Then all of a sudden I could hear moaning sounds. It was faint at first but then got louder and louder. Finally I could tell those were my wife's moans and I could hear her clearly saying "oh my God". Something she always says when she's enjoying sex. I could clearly hear the slapping of sex by now and there was no doubt of what she was doing. I listened to them have sex for a good 30 minutes as she had several orgasms. Then things went quiet again. The light came on and I finally got a chance to see what was going on. The guy was someone my wife works with, I recognized him from her company Christmas parties. He had gotten up and turned on the lights. My wife was still laying in the bed spread eagle and I could see his cum running out of her pussy. He grabbed a towel from the bathroom and was wiping his cock off. Then he handed it to my wife and she cleaned herself up. She stood up and kissed him as he told her he had to get home before his wife started wondering where he was. I quickly snapped a few photos of them naked and kissing. This should be an interesting divorce now that I have proof of her cheating. I just wonder how his wife is going to take it when I show her the photos. Bet she files for divorce too.


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  • Hot July night 3AM i wake up and my wife is not there. Had to got to the bathroom anyway, so check around for her. I find her phone with a message up saying she'll meet John on our back patio soon. Our backyards border the same cornfield about about .25 mile apart. I peek out the kitchen door window to see whats up. It's too dark to really see much, 2 bottles of beer on the table and a single large object by where a chair should be. I'm about to go back to bed -- I'll ask her what was so important -- John was going through a divorce and likes to console with my wife. They must be walking the cornfield path. Then the neighbor's motion senor spotlight goes on, It floods his whole back yard but now It's bright enough for me too see her giving him a blowjob. I don't do anything but watch. John is our friend and I didn't want him to know I knew my wife gives him blowjobs -- I'm sure now that this one of many. They actually go to drive in movies alone. I was just happy she has someone taking her to the movies, and It's not me. And I have a girlfriend and feel relieved that she's no saint ether. 5 minuets ago I thought she was the most unlikely wife to give another man a blowjob. That's why I was going back to bed to ask her about in the morning. Also, now that the light is on I'm enjoying the show. Something about her being sugar and spice and everything nice -- now she's sucking some guy's dick -- outweighs the the anger.
    Everything about this is wrong -- I get that.

  • How many times have you wanked to the pictures so far?

  • Just be a cuck and enjoy it.You know you did really.

  • Hahahahahaha

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