I can’t believe I did this

I’ve never told anyone this before and I guess since it’s completely anonymous I will confess something.

My college gf was home visiting her parents. It was Friday and I came home quite drunk and as soon as I stepped through the door I stripped down completely at the door and headed to the shower. My roommate at the time was a tiny guy. Maybe 5’2” and very slim. I’m 6’1” and 200 lbs. While in the shower he knocked and asked if he could “go pee”. I blurted mumble “sure”. I drunkly pushed back the shower curtain when I was done. There I stood drunk, naked and wet. He was sitting down to pee and I jokingly commented that I thought only chicks sit down to pee. He giggled and said “nope some guys do to”. For some reason the way he said it and his giggle aroused me. As I reached for my towel and as I did I pushed my semi hard dick in his face. He kind of backed up and I said something like “I thought you liked dick?” He smiled and said “oh I do!” Then standing in front of him, my dick getting harder I asked him what he thought about my dick. He said “It’s really nice but.” He stopped and I asked “but what?” He said he’d have to taste it to give me his complete thoughts. I stepped closer. He reached back and flushed the toilet. He looked up at me and I’ll never forget this he said with a huge smile “Baby if I sick your cock you’re never gonna want a girl to do it again.” I told him to prove it. He kissed it and licked the tip. My precum on his tongue he licked his lips and said we should take this to his room. He took me by the hand. Me completely naked, hard as fuck being led to my lil gay roommates room. He told me to lay down. I did. I light a joint and took a puff and then handed it to me. I took several long draws and handed it back to him. He set it down and kneeled between my legs and said “last chance. After I’m done your little gf will never suck you as good as I do.” I again told him to prove it. He leaned down and started sucking me. It was fucking amazing!!! He was right my gf or any other girl never sucked me like he did. After a couple of minutes he stopped and sat up. Before he could say anything I asked why he stopped. He told me to not worry. He was going to finish but wanted to get more comfy. He smiled and I smiled back. He stripped down and maybe it was his small height and his little frame but he has a really big cock. Kind of thin but really long. He spun around and asked if I liked? I told him to get back to sucking my dick. He frowned and did as I told him. 2 minutes later I was ready to cum. I didn’t warn him and just pushed him down. I started to cum and he didn’t stop. It was fucking amazing. When I finally finished he sat up and showed me my cum. He stuck his finger in his mouth and coated it with my cum. He showed me his finger and pointed it at my face. He moved it closer and it touched my lips. I didn’t stop him and he put his cum covered finger in my mouth. He then swallowed and said “So baby. Does Krista suck you like that?” Sucking his finger I shook my head. I sucked harder and he started to moan. He took his finger back and leaned into me and kissed me. Soft and sensual. Before I knew it I was kissing him back. Tongues dancing. He broke off the kiss and asked if I’d stay with him that night. He curled up in front of me and we spooned. Around 5am I woke up with a bit of a shock. Then remembered the blowjob I had gotten the night before. He grabbed my arm and pulled me back to him. A few hours later we woke up. He said anytime I wanted he’d suck my cock. I told him thanks but that was a one time thing. That same day at night he walked out of his room, nude. His impressive but thin cock fully erect. He walked by me and said “So I told you what a great cock you have, what do you think of mine? It’s not as thick as yours but” He did a little dance and made it bounce up and down. I told him he must make his bfs jealous. He actually blushed and told me how sweet I was. He stroked it a few times and said he was going to go out but if I was up for it he’d suck me again. I hesitated and he said “what? Didn’t I suck you good enough? Maybe I’ll do better tonight!” Smiling at me and bouncing his cock up and down. He knelt in front of me and put his hand on my dick. He said “Oh well if your cock is answering for you, you want me to suck you again!!” Without a word he unzipped my pants and pulled them down. No objection from me. He gave me another amazing blowjob but this time after I came he gave me what he called a snowball. He kissed me with all my cum in his mouth. This made me go a little crazy. I threw him down on the floor and made out with him like crazy. I eventually found his cock. Hard, long and thin. I stroked him and he moaned. He grabbed me and started stroking me. He started to ask if I wanted to taste him and my gf called. He grabbed my phone and gave it to me. I could hardly touch the button to answer. I said “hi” kind of out of breathe. My gf asked what I was doing and I told her just watching tv with Steven. She didn’t believe me so I put it on speaker. Steven said I was being a good boy. My gf thanked him and I took it off speaker. As we talked Steven stroked his cock. Precum oozing. He took some and hesitantly put his finger to my lips. I licked it quickly. With all the blood rushing to my dick I told my gf I was staying in and for her to have a safe trip back tomorrow. Steven fed me more of his cum. As I was sucking his cum from his finger he said “So does Krista let you fuck her ass?” My dick doubled in hardness. I told him no. She doesn’t like it because he ex was too rough. He asked if I was a anal virgin. Then quickly saying “I mean have you ever fucked anyone (he emphasized “anyone”) in the ass?” I just shock my head. He asked if I wanted to fuck his. Now I’ve roomed with Steven for 6 months and never, ever thought of him this way nor me this way!! He told me he likes taking cock in his tight lil ass! When he said that I just blurted “Yes! I want to fuck your ass!!!” Steven smiled and said hang on. He came back a minute later with lube, a condom and a sheet. He laid the sheet out and then laid down on it. He gave me the lube and told me to lube his ass! I did and then he sucked me for a minute then put the condom on me and lubed my dick up. He laid back down and pulled his legs up exposing his perfectly waxed and bleached asshole. He guided me to his ass and told me whenever I was ready. I started to enter him. Slowly because that’s what I had read. He pulled me into him and when I was completely in him he leaned up and kissed me. Then he said “Baby I like my ass fucked rough!! I’ve had much bigger than you. I can’t take it.” To emphasize his point he slide his ass hard into my dick. I pounded him a few times and he just kept telling me harder! For a couple of minutes I was pounding him harder than I’ve ever fucked a woman. I also was stroking him which led me cum more quickly. I was ready to cum and he told me to pull out. I thought he didn’t want me to cum in the condom in his ass. Instead he sat up, pulled off and took my dick in his mouth. I exploded. He took it all in his mouth. I leaned in to kiss him but he pushed me away. He looked down at his cock and spit all the cum on his cock. He smiled a devilish smile and said “This time baby if you want to taste your hot cum you have to lick it off my dick!” Without hesitation I bent down and licked. Before I knew it I was sucking my first and only cock. I gagged a couple of times but Steven just encouraged me a few minutes later the told me he was ready to cum. I looked up and kept sucking. He warned me he was ready and I kept sucking. Suddenly the biggest load I’ve ever seen or felt in this case entered my mouth. As he was cumming I was stroking myself. He pulled me up and kissed me. We kissed and kissed. He broke off the kiss and said “Baby I want to fuck you! Can I? I’ll be so gentle!” I kissed him back and he moved my hand down to his cock. It was either still hard or he’d gotten hard again already. He kissed me more and told me I’d love it! I agreed and was ass fucked by my roommate. We ended up falling asleep together on the floor. The next morning we woke up and I asked him to fuck me again. He did and this time I came from just him fucking me. We fell asleep again and around noon my gf called. She told me she was close to campus and wanted to know if I wanted anything to eat. I told her yes. I kissed Steven and he kissed me back. I jumped in the shower and cleaned up. With only a couple of minutes to spare Steven and I cleaned up the apartment. Krista brought Steven lunch too.

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  • Did you rim his asshole?

  • No I didn’t. I hadn’t thought of it until you said something

  • You should . Get your face and tongue all up in his butt crack and slobber and drool all over his dick, balls, and asshole.

  • Paragraphs bro, use them

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