Love married women

Married women are the best! There is nothing more erotic and sensual than taking married woman to bed and making love. I have been with 30 plus married women now, and I have chosen to only have sex with married women from now on. You think your wife never would? I can tell you that’s total BS. I have been with married women whose husbands thought they were sexually dead and when I get them in bed they turn into wild lust driven sexual beings. Religious, conservative, it’s doesn't matter. ALL women are sexual beings. Given enough time effort and energy, I believe any married woman can and would be seduced. My niche on all of this is I don’t get possessive. I understand that she “belongs” to her husband and I’m her “side” guy. I don’t call her or text her outside of agreed upon times and terms. I don’t want to interfere with her relationship and won’t ever put her into a situation. That she might get caught or compromise her current happiness.

So far I have found it’s not so much about the sex as it is about making her feel desired and wanted. In doing so, I have confidence that any married woman, regardless of her beliefs or “happiness” in her marriage can be seduced. It’s beautiful and wonderful!


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  • I can attest to married women getting it on the side. My wife has been for a few years now. I found out when she sent me a text that was meant for a fb of hers. It said, "He should be leaving soon." I responded with, "Who?" She said, "My hubby." At this point I wanted to see what she was up to. I said, "Oh. Right." She said, "You headed here? I'm ready for you. Cant keep waiting for once a week." I said, "Why don't you just fuck me then?" She said, "I'm planning to silly." I said, "Look who you're texting." She didn't respond right away then she said, "Oh shit. Honey. Let me explain." I said, "Nothing to explain. You've been having sex with another guy. How long has this been going on? Don't bullshit me." She said, "About a year. Maybe a bit longer." I said, "How many times?" She said, "I don't wanna say." I said, "Why?" She said, "Its embarrassing." I said, "How many times?" She said, "A lot. Like once or twice a week."

  • Had a friend kinda like you.Didn't bother me what he did till it was my wife who ended up under him.We stayed at his place as he moved to a nice city so he gave us a few tours.Then one evening getting drunk he made a move on her.We were both too wasted to do much.Before I knew it he was fucking her on the couch.I only knew because I saw the pics and videos on my phone the next day.

  • So its beautiful and wonderful, until some hubby finds you out and beats the daylights out of you or worst. I suspect I will be reading about you in Newsday or on channel 7 news.

  • Amature "player"! if you really can seduce any woman then all woman are targets?!
    Get back to me if you are thinking of joining the big leagues??

  • You could have my wife while I watch

  • Hehe send me your email!

  • Didn’t think you could send an email here.

  • Commitment issues, eh ? Poor little doggie !

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