Weird Friend

I had been seeing this girl for about 2 months, one day her friend Kirsty came round to visit all chatting away nicely and my girlfriend said she needs to drop something to her parents you two stay here I want be long.
I sat back down after girlfriend leaving and Kirsty said you’ve just had sex haven’t you, pardon I said, you two have just had sex I can tell, yes I said why do you ask Kirsty then said what was it like I said it was ok why you asking, she went on was it nice and wet did you both have an orgasm we’re you really hard please tell me, I said of course that’s what happens when you have sex, very nice she said tell me about your orgasm.
I ended up telling her far more then I wanted too she just had this way of doing it.
Thank god my girlfriend came back, I told my girlfriend about it and she said that’s Kirsty!

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  • Young lady at work, 22, and I share the same 2 person desk. She's my helper. I'm 20 years older, married. She wants to know every detail of every girl I had sex with, particularity the first time. Also wants to know details of everyday sex with my wife. "Does she give good blowjobs, ... tell me about it.."
    It's really therapeutic for both of us. I'll do wild thing with my wife, like sex by corfied we hike hike around, thinking can wait till I tell Missy this.
    She knows my wife, she picks up my calls, they met at the picnic -- she's her biggest fan. "I wish I could fuck some guy by a cornfield -- your wife is amazing."

  • My girlfriends sister came home to our shared apartment after a failed date and asked the same question to use. We had just gotten done fucking on the couch and had just finished putting out clothes back on when she walked in. She looked at us and said "you two just got done fucking,didn't you?"
    My girlfriend looked at her and asked how the hell she knew. That's when her sister said "because I can smell sex in the air"

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