My sister

I been spying on my sister for weeks now.
Have watched her masterbating several times.
Now i am obsessed with watching her climax.

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  • Come, come this just never happened

  • I heard my sisters vibrator humming. I ran naked into her room with a big hard on. She let out a shriek of surprise. I was on top of her before she could even react. I easily slid my cock into her very wet pussy. My sister tried to fight me for a few seconds, but then she started to moan. We ended up fucking like rabbits.

  • Yeah of course you did🙄

  • I can remember alot of stuff from when i was younger.
    My mom used to have me bath with her to save water. I can remember her sitting behind me one leg on either side . I didn’t realize at time but the first time I noticed her moving funny she was laying back behind me and i turned around cause i thought she said something but she was masturbating. I didn’t know at time but she quickly told me to turn around while she washed.
    After that we would be in tub and she would tell me when not to turn around.
    I didn’t know anything at time but i can remember everything.
    I could hear here breathing and feel her legs tighten up and then she would relax.
    She did this several times that i can remember
    Every time she would wash up and before we were to get out she would lay back. Everytime she would tell me to look forward for a minute and not turn around.
    I would set quite and listen till she was done.
    Wasn’t till i was older I realize what she did.

  • Nothing wrong with that. It's lovely that your mum felt comfortable enough to do that.

  • I walked in on my mom once leaning back sitting on toilet masturbating.
    She was in the middle of a orgasm when I opened the door and she let out a sqeek but couldn’t stop bucking her hips before she tried to reach for a towel. But i turned and huried out embarrassed.

  • Thats hot.

  • My sister and i use to mess around when we were younger.
    She was two years older.
    It started out her coming in when i was in bath and she would lean over tub and watch me.
    Then mom thought it was cute and had us bath together.
    Later after a few months bathing together she would get in bed with me when mom and dad were already asleep and we would mess around.
    We did this for years

  • It's normal for siblings to experiment

  • Sounds like you
    should make a
    move on your
    sister. Wouldn't
    having your cock
    pounding her
    pussy causing
    her to have an
    orgasm be a
    better thing if
    you cum too.

  • I'd love to fuck my sister without any birth control!

  • Ask her if she needs help getting off. Tell her it’s always better if someone else does it

  • It's very natural to be attracted to your sister but you are invading her privacy. Perhaps more details about you and your sister would be good

  • Details
    My sister is hot
    About 4’11” tight round ass
    Freackles that go down to her tits which are small but point upwards.
    I get hard thinking of her hips thrusting as she fingers herself i took a video

  • I meant details about your bro sis relationship

  • I watched my sister till one night i walked in when i knew she was about to cum.
    Shewas surprised or shocked and i was on her before she reacted andshe spread her legs.
    We bith came quickly together then she punched me and was pissed after she came down off her orgasm which was intense.
    She threatened to tell dad but never did.

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