Pretty sure my husband will never cheat

I am in my twenties and female, married for about five years now. My husband gets to come home from work and find me in compromising positions quite often. I am into self bondage and do it at least once a week but more like two or three.
I bought a wonderful new toy and tried it out last month, it is a ring gag that props my mouth open giving him unrestricted use of it. I tied myself against the kitchen island facing the door to the garage, I was kneeling with my mouth at a good height for him. I would be the first thing he sees when getting home and coming in thru the garage door which he always does. His cock is about seven inches hard and I can swallow the whole thing but I have to work up to it.
He came thru the door right on schedule, I could only hear him as I was wearing a blindfold. I always wait until I hear the garage door going up before I put my other wrist into bondage. I was not wearing anything and had a few toys out for him to play with as well. I heard the door close and he softly asked "What have we here?"
I heard the water turn on and figured he was washing his hands, then he grabbed a glass out of the cabinet and began filling it with ice and water. I thought he was thirsty until I felt the cold glass against my nipple, he slide the glass around my body making me shiver and shake. He even took one of the cubes and slid it across my pussy pushing it in and out a few times. He also wetted my lips and tongue with one, probably the same one.
I really thought I would be sucking his cock quickly but he continued the ice play for a while then I felt his tongue on my clit. I had no idea how he was doing it but he licked me thru my first orgasm, playing with my nipples the whole time and tickling me now and then.
When he was done it was more ice play then without warning I felt his cock slide across my tongue, I began moving my head to suck him but he grabbed my hair and pushed my head back against the island. I was now in the position that I wanted to be in, head back unable to pull away, mouth spread open unable to stop him from pushing into me. He moved in and out gently but going deeper a little at a time, I was loving every stroke across my tongue. He was getting harder and harder, his head started to touch the back of my mouth and bend downward. I started matching my breathing with his motion so I could get it all the way inside. He pushed in and out for only a few minutes and then he pulled out, I heard him moaning out and felt the cum landing on my face and breasts. He came and then went back to pushing in and out for a few minutes. I was so turned on that I was moaning out myself with his strokes.
He pulled out again and I thought he was done, I then felt him wiping some cum with his finger then I tasted it on my tongue. He did this over and over until it was all in my mouth wiping his finger off on my tongue. I then felt the vibe on my clit and jumped, he rotated it around making sure to have it right on there, my body trembled and I twitched uncontrollably. He kept this up until I was moaning out with an orgasm ten minutes later, my clit tingling like crazy and my legs moving all over the place except closed. I was recovering from the stimulation when my hair was grabbed again and I felt his cock coming into me again, this time all the way as I felt his pubic hair on my nose. He started a wonderful fucking motion going down deeper and deeper while I concentrated on my technique so as not to gag. He started cumming after quite some time and this time he did not pull out, I swallowed what I could and the rest rolled out onto my chin and chest.
He began undoing my restraints and told me I was amazing, I told him that I loved it all and told him that I would always be waiting for him at home for his pleasure. I have done this five times now in some other set ups since getting it and each time he as loved it.

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  • This is so hot. Wish my wife did this for me x

  • Have you asked her to do it?

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