Fun at work

For the last month I've been flirty with our office manager.
Not openly or obviously not infront of others but at least three times a day when it was just me and him alone.
Finding ourselves alone for longer then usual he tried to call my bluff.
He us 56 I'm 27 he is in decent shape for his age. But what surprised me was his size his length and his girth easily eight or nine inches and thick one thing leads to another.
I sucked his dick until he was empty.
He picked me up it felt like a dream but my feet were dangling off the ground I was being fucked bent over folded in half being fucked like a rag doll.
I've been fucking my boss everyday for a week now

Jul 23
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    • My wife said she was felt up when she was 17 by her first boss (father of her besty) felt up again by a couple of supes and co-workers (incl a black fellow) at Sears in the stock rooms, finally fucked by her much older married boss ("but I'm leaving her")....for 6 years! She got PG by one boss at work - but that married 6 yr boss kept coming around for free-safe-ones while her belly grew.
      We married nd had 2 kids - she was hounded by males at the college she worked at...then quit to work in a Church nursery school. Her boss there stuck his tongue down her throat one day....
      Now, she works with all females.....but still is a sexy blue-eyed blonde with a cute butt and great legs - which is why she always got into all those seedy situations with all those older guys! She likes men. They lust her.

    • My wife is the same way, fucked multiple bosses and authority figures when she was younger and has always loved tempting men and getting used like a cheap fuck toy. She doesn't do it quite as much any more (mostly female staff at current job) but still fools around any chance she gets.

    • You are a lucky!
      I love it when men lust after my wife. I REALLY love it when she confesses the details of having sex with them too!

    • I didn't look for my affair either. I was 19 just out of business school, he was a married 42 father. Good looking, top physical condition, an extreme gentleman.
      Once I became his full time personal assistant, we spent a lot of time together. When it happened, it just happened and I think we both knew it was inevitable.
      Spent my husband entire career working in DoD. Got some really great assignments from grateful lovers

    • Hot. I would love a full confession on that one!

    • You are a smart girl and you will go far. Trust me. Take care of your boss and he will take care of you & your career.
      I'll try to be brief.
      I began having a secret affair with my boss when I was 24. It was 1996, I'd just graduated college as an accounting major and got a job as an entry level accountant at a firm. I had also been married less than a year when my boss started flirting with me. He was mid 50s, 6ft, blue eyes, grey hair & married.
      If we had to work late, he would massage my shoulders. Then it progressed to my feet. I knew he was looking up my skirt.
      We both had to travel for a certification training. We had dinner at the hotel restaurant. I had a few glasses of wine and we went to his room. I got my foot massage then I brushed across his crotch. It was more arousing than I imagined. We ended up having sex numerous times.
      After that moment, I got amazing raises and promotions. When my boss retired, he recommended I get his position and I started having a secret affair with my new boss. btw; my new boss knew what he was getting into. lol
      I'm 52 years old, I've moved up to senior director of my own division and looking to early retire in a few years. I have no regrets for my past actions.
      My only advice is to insist on protection when you are trying to get pregnant.
      I have two children. My boss was understanding during times I was ovulating and trying to conceive.

    • My boss never tried to impregnate me, but he was so gentle when I was. He take me to a motel for extended lunch, get me naked and lie next to me. Exploring my body, sometimes we didn't even make love. He just stare at my body, oh and he was a great kisser.

    • Good girl, good girl.

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