I've been very shy all my life.

I've been very shy all my life. i never had a gf and i'm 27 years old. i fear of rejection specially that i'm from a muslim country and i don't want to ask someone out that is not into this kind of relationships. and also i'm not very confident about my own looks

what do u think i should do now? how can i have relationship with anyone? any kind of relationship (long distance - normal pen pals or any other relationships) is acceptable for me.

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  • Being as you is from a Muslim country, I suggest you strap on about 20 Lbs of C-4, go to the most crowded gay bar you can find and blow yourself up. Alah will bless you in the afterlife with 72 virgins, and you can finally get some pussy, even though it will be dead pussy.

  • That's not funny dude. that hurts

  • I was in a similar place at your age. I never a GF. I would get so nervous I would scare every woman away.

    I have an anxiety disorder that made it nearly impossible to to to woman. Yet, there was this girl that I met. She was amazing. I told her how I felt about her and told her how scared I was to tell her.

    Found out she had the same feelings for me and she loved me instantly for opening up about my feelings for her and my fear.

    We dated and eventually got engaged.

    All I can say is go big!!!! If you fail, at least you tried!!!! Don't live a life of what-ifs. You will regret it.

    Best of luck!

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