I think Grandpa has hots for me

I'm 13 and a friend told me about this site. I'm unsure, what to do, so if someone did have similar problems, please tell me, what you did!

My grandpa (who I love very very much!!!) watches me when I dress or undress and he does too, when I masturbate.

During the Holidays I live with him because my parents have to work (they never do holidays) and so its the best solution. And I love being with him. He lives at the couast and I could go to the beach by bike.

We always have been very close. When I was younger we often slept in one bed or I slipped under the covers, when I woke up. When I started maturing hetold me we can not do it any longer. I asked why, but he didnt answer.

I knew he has had problems with it because I had noticed his penis got large and hard, when we snuggled. I think that has been unpleasant for him. I did not mind. For me it was exciting.

I don't know what to do. I've seen him often at the door to my room (its no door, just a curtain) watching me. I'm getting hot when I notice him standing outside and sometimes I do a little show for him (undressing for example). And some weeks ago I started masturbating (I did at home for some months already). I did not dare doing it here, dont know why.

It is much more exciting, getting naked and touch my pussy, when I know, Grandpa is outside and watches me all the time. I fantasize about what He might be doing on the other side of the curtain.

I have seen pictures of boys doing themselves (given round at school all the time) and I imagine my Grandpa doing that too. When I think about it, I dont have to wait for my orgasm.

What should I do? What did you do in such a situation?


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  • Sounds like he is trying very hard to resist the urge to fuck the living shit out of your tight young body. The right thing to do is stop tempting him, wether you are doing it on purpose or not. If you are okay with having sex with him, then you should flat out tell him, and he will likely pounce on your tight little ass. Just keep in mind what will happen to him if anyone finds out. It will destroy his life, and not help you out any.

  • OP: Yes I know it being dangerous and I am a bit scared about it

  • Be careful teen girls are sexy he sees your body and is aroused he will be masterbating thinking about you.
    Nothing wrong giving him a look but dont go further unless you are really sure you want your grandad to fuck you.

  • Or email

  • Utawiemer @ mail.de

  • Got snap or wickr?

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