Doing my son on drugs

We have been late starters. we for the first time did drugs when we both were over 30. We had friends that consumated and they one evening invited us. We first smoked some weed and then they offered some lines coke.

We have been out of the world. When we woke up the next morning, we all were in one bed and nude. The wife of our friend had sperm all over her face and it might be my husbands because they lay together.

When I told her, she answered, I schoul take a look in the mirror. I looked to the oversized mirror on our closet and I saw, I looked the same. Sperm everywhere. dried in between.

Then I took the sheets off me and I expected to find our friend on my side. I was shocked. with me under the sheets was our Son. he's 13 and he was nude like us. He looked at me and asked, "Mom, please would you suck it one more time?!"

Thats what drugs did to us. by the way we found our friend in bed with our 10 year old daughter. for gods sake he did not harm her but he made her jerk him of 3 times.

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  • That is so hot mom. Can I share a father/daughter story with you? Write me at: gsummers at tutanota dot com

  • Accidents can happen if you get really wacked out on drugs. At least her son remembered what happened, wanting a repeat performance. I have the feeling it was just a blowjob, I don't think they actually fucked.

  • You're just abusing children, and blaming it on drugs. Fucking drugs or alcohol don't make you do anything, they just let you !

  • Sounds like everyone had a good time together!

  • It's what happens when you do drugs with kids around

  • What?

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