Why I'll never marry a woman.

All the women on here and of this day and age sadly are deranged and/or soulless cunts. Lol at all the whores who claim to love hubby/bf yet cheat all the time. this is why i will never marry. I have a gf who wants to marry me but she will never get the question. I've caught her messing around on more than one occasion. I am stuck with her because we have kids. But I hate her, say I love her to keep the peace. But I hate her. she calls herself my wife even though I'll never pop the question.

Lol, hope the messing around was worth it. To all of you idiots who have gotten caught and wrecked your relationships, LOL. LOVE ISNT REAL WITH WOMEN OF THIS DAY AND AGE. WOMEN DONT KNOW HOW TO BE WIVES OR GF'S ANYMORE, WOMEN ARE GOING THROUGH A SLUT REVOLUTION, AND WHILE FUN FOR MEN, IT IS ALSO REVOLTING TO US.

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  • YOU"RE A FUCKING IDIOT ........asswipe

  • Wish I could refute this. it would be nice to think the ideal was a possibility. there is simply nothing to gain for a man to get married. feminism and the sexual revolution continued apace and now sex is cheap and easy. so why would I endanger my financial future by joining myself to someone legally? in the most amazing relationship/friendship I've had I constantly caught her doing shady shit. she used to give me hell for not having proposed. why would I invest in someone incapable of genuine loyalty, who has had so much sex, with so many men, that nothing we ever do will be new or exciting. she's been there, done that. I date and date. I'm successful, attractive, and every woman I start to get close to shows herself to be exactly the same way. I wish I could say this wasn't true. I want it to not be true. but it is 100% true.

  • So much truth here. i feel sorry for your poor gf, sounds like she is in denial and has issues. it's very understandable though why you would never actually marry someone after them cheating on you. what a nut job thinking she will be your wife lol

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