When drunk

My wife is one of those people who doesn't remember a thing when she gets too drunk. She also becomes almost uncomfortably horny and flirty. On many occasions I have promoted her and have let her do sexual things with people. I often feel bad about it later especially when she asks questions like , did I do something to embarrass you last night or did you and I have sex. I afraid that this is becoming an addiction. I can't wait for Friday or Saturday nights. It's like I have more fun watching then joining I'm honestly not sure what the hell is wrong with me.

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  • Nothing is wrong with you. Enjoy it while it lasts.

  • When my wife gets like that I get to do what I want to her.I got her to do anal and I also got her to tongue my asshole.Other times I make her swallow my cum or end up finishing over her face.And in the morning she doesn't remember a thing.

  • I do so much of the same thing. It's fantastic. I really get off on watching my friends play with her as well.

  • My wife passed out at one of our parties and it was from drinking to much and the sun baking her. My friend helped me get her to the bedroom and I just laid her on the bed to let her sleep it off. I closed the door and went back to the party. We had about ten people there and I think there were four guys, I went to bed about 1 am and when I came into the bedroom her bathing suit and t-shirt were on the floor at the end of the bed. Her legs were spread out wide and nothing was covering her up, I could not believe she was laying like that then a really bad thought hit me. Someone had come into the room and stripped off her clothes then had sex with her. I moved her to a more comfortable position but there was no real sign of anything happening, like a wet spot under her or even anything on her at all. I think one of our friends just ran their hands all over her and played with her some but I never told her about any of it. When she woke up the next morning she did not bring up anything about sex happening with her so I have no clue how she got that way in the bed but her clothes were in one pile so it was not her getting undressed.

  • Mmmm very hot

  • My wife is the same way and for about the last 3 years she has a friend that does the same thing. They both got passed out drunk one night a few months back, my wife was actually passed out and I had to carry her to bed. I got this crazy idea to remove their clothes and position them against each other. I crashed on the couch and woke up around 7 am, I peeked in on them and they were both still out but sort of still touching each other with my wife having an arm over her friend.
    It was around 8:30 or so when I heard the two of them talking then laughing loudly, I heard her friend say "Oh my God, we had sex together!"
    Neither one of them could remember a thing and they were laughing loudly, I walked over to the door and knocked then asked them how they were feeling. My wife asked what the hell happened last night and I just told them that you two started kissing and the rest ended in here, I told them that I just watched but it only lasted like 10 minutes and you both fell asleep passed out naked.
    They have been lovers ever since and I have had a few threesomes with them, absolutely best practical joke of my life!!

  • That's awesome I will try something like that.

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