Eric and Me

Eric has just turned 70 but quite fit a man but a bit of erectile problems and divorced for the last 30 years. I have known him since the past week and I have found him attractive – gentle and attentive. Last weekend he spent in my apartment – two nights. On the first night he was eyeing my braless tits while having dinner. Do you like the way my breasts are now? I asked him and they’re a little sagged, I told him. I was also too eager to have his hands on my boobs. He was quite open – Zena, only thing I can think of that would be more wonderful than fondling your beautiful breasts if you let me kiss them, lick them and suck on them too.

I unbuttoned my blouse and asked him to take one of the nipples in his mouth. He kissed my boobs, licked it and took one of my erect nipples in his mouth. He sucked it with a gentle pull between his teeth. My boobs felt heavy and full! I reacted with a long, shuddering sigh and whispered: ummm, that feels really good. Keep doing that … just like that, use your teeth, gently. He fondled the other nip between his thumb and forefinger, gently pinching it, pulling and rubbing. My breathing quickened as I moaned, and groaned in pleasure. His hands came to my boobs and pressed hard those delicate fleshes.
He was now sucking hard, with increasingly long tongue strokes that worked on my breasts and nipples, eagerly moving back and forth from one to the other, my hand moved under underneath his trousers to his thick cock and felt it was yet to raise its head. But he came in my hand … as I pressed my crotch area against his knee. With that I drew his head fiercely to my breasts, drew him hard against my body to take his hips upward, trying to get his cock straight up to my pussy. But meanwhile, he was working on it by his fingers. Soon I let out a crushing orgasm …. I cried out. Then I collapsed on him. He held me tight.
I breathed deeply for some time and glanced downwards to my tits, still wet with his saliva. The crotch area of my panties was wet, and my long, plump camel toe, wide labia still throbbing and a fat clit which protruded from the apex. It still pulsed from the joy of orgasm little ago. He understood it and read my mind not to touch my pussy as it was still too sensitive from the massive orgasm I just had.
Eric helped me clean up. We kissed and I went to bed for the night. But I would definitely have him again next weekend and his mouth would be down to my wet spot digging at his will.

Mar 20

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