My step sister

When my mom remarried my step dad had two daughters, one was a year younger than me and the other was in her first year of college so she was never around as she lived in the dorms. Everything was pretty normal for about three months or so then one evening my mom popped into my room and told me that they were going out to dinner and something else and would be back around midnight. I was about fifteen at the time but we were both old enough to look after ourselves anyways.
I was hanging out in my room doing something on my computer when she walked in knocking on my door and asked me what I was up to, I told her nothing much figuring she had a homework question or something. She was acting a little strange but nothing to weird just seemed like she did not know what to say to me then after like a dozen strange questions she asked if she could see my penis. I was thrown for a loop with that one, she was really pretty and we did not really hang out with the same type of friends so her asking me this seemed like a set up or something. I asked her what the trick was because that seemed like something you would not really do with me. She told me she just really wanted to see and touch one but never has had the chance to do it and we had the house to ourselves for like seven hours.
I was amazed but turned on all at the same time because she told me that she would really love to see it again. I told her okay and walked over then asked her what she had in mind. She looked around then told me to undress then just lay down on my bed. She walked over and sat on the side of me then leaned down and had her face like a foot from me just running her fingers over it watching it get hard. She was using both her hands holding and caressing me with little strokes then started asking me what felt good and what do I do when I masturbate. It was strange for sure but very pleasurable as she kept this up for quite some time, she then told me that she wanted to see me orgasm and went off to get some lotion. She came back very excited and went right to it pumping like six squirts of it into her hands. I did not last long at all and soon sperm was flying thru the air and landing on me and her hands. She was wide eyed the whole time just thrilled with her first hand job.
She finished wiping and washing her hands and I was getting myself cleaned up, she walked back into my bedroom and asked if there was anything I wanted to see or touch on her. I asked her at first if she was serious because I wanted to see and touch her whole body pretty much since I met her. She told me that I could do whatever I wanted with her so what did I have in mind. I could not believe how lucky I was to have a horny step sister who was also really gorgeous, I asked her if she would do the same thing I just did, strip down and lay down on my bed. I ran my fingers over her breasts until she was begging me to move onto something else because her nipples were tingling so bad they hurt. She spread her legs out wide and it took about three minutes of running my fingers across her wetness and her scent filing my nose for me to dive right in with my tongue. I had never tasted anything so sweet in my life, her pussy was unbelievably sweet. I licked her for an hour while she squealed out at least three orgasms, I know she came because she was pulsating all over my face as I sucked and licked on her clit. It was my first time doing it but I had watched a lot of porn on licking a woman and it was all paying off big time because she loved every bit of it.
We began giving each other oral for several months, we would sometimes even do it really late at night when our parents were in their bedroom sleeping, our bedrooms were across the house from theirs so it worked out great. we only did that a couple of times because most of the time we ended up with the house to ourselves a few times a month, we even on two occassions were home for a week without our parents later on in our late teens.
We ended up being lovers for about five years all thru college and would very often sleep over at one of our apartments but never persued it further out of fear of our parents thinking it was not a good thing to do. We ended up going our separate ways when I moved to Seattle after college for work but kept in touch quite a bit. She is married and has kids now but is still one really beautiful woman and her husband is a lucky bastard for sure.

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