Older sister

I'm getting the idea my older sister wants sex with me she is 53 im 51. Should I act on this?

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  • Sisters going through a rough time it's a good time I think to offer support to her get her into my bed and fuck her good and hard x

  • A pervert surrounded by a lot of female family members. Ive got 2 sisters. One of who i used to have hot sex with when we wer younger. I remember the smell of her young fresh fanny, her tender pointy breasts. I used to creep into her room at night and tell her id give her some money. Id give her the 3 pounds and shed lie there motionless with her legs spread apart. Even though she didnt seem to be enjoying it then, we started to actually both be passionate about having sex. I always loved the taste of her puffy pussy and it was the first i ever licked. We even had sex in a tower block on the 15th floor stairwells, she was only 2 years younger than me. . My other sister, i licked when she was quite young. About 4 or 5. I cant remember. But i got between her legs and poked my tongue into her fanny. She cried and i scurried back to my room. I was about 13. The sister i used to fuck does not turn me on anymore, shes 37 and loves black cock. I wouldnt mind watching her get gangbanged by a load of bbcs. I would ideally have her blindfolded so she doesnt see me eating her 9 man creampie. The sister who is 11 years younger than me is the one i fantasize about fucking. Shes got massive tits and a mouth i would love to fuck. She also likes black cock.. i would love to lick her out from behind.
    We have different mums. I used to spy kn my stepmum and wank when j watched her getting fucked by my dad. I used to sniff her knickers and even found her vibrator and sucked it.
    So basically i violated all females in my house growing up by the time i was 14. Now fast forward 25 years. Ive got a daughter whos 19, another whos 13 and one whos 11.
    I also have nieces , 19, 17, 16, 14,12 10, 9, 9, 7, 6,

  • <<< Tunes up the banjo and sings, " Cletus my boy, you got to get you some / Playin' with your own dick ain't ever any fun / You might want to think about gettin' you a date / You ain't got to look far, there's your sister Kate "

  • I fucked my sister when I was 17. My mom caught us and told my dad, who beat me till I shit myself. Then they sent us both to see a head shrink, who tried to tell us that incest is wrong, but he couldn't tell me exactly why it was wrong. Three months later and my sister told me that she was fucking our shrink, so we told our mom, and she told the police, and head shrink went to prison, and my sister and I still fucked each other every chance we had. I would say go ahead and fuck your sister, you are old enough that nobody can tell you what to do.

  • No thats incest and incest is not legal, so stop thinking like that, maybe a good idea to attend confession at your local church

  • I fucked my sister at church right on the altar. It was hot

  • Religion doesn't have a answer for everything. They are both over 50 what harm would it do???

  • Confession 不不不不不不不 what a fucking joke. You think saying 3 hale Marys will change us

  • If you are both up for it start fucking her, there is no shame in having sex with your sister I know its morally wrong that's why its so good, remember forbidden tastes nicer, the more wrong its the better the sex,
    Let us know in detail word for word

  • At your age theres nothing to lose trying

  • Definitely. Its a shame you didnt start earlier so you could make babies together

  • Nearly fucked her when we were teenagers she was 18 I was 16 in messing on her bed she straddled me we dry jumped she made me cum was so wrong but sooo right parents came home I had to run to my bedroom I should have followed up and had sex with her every day

  • I agree. They should have started off when they were much younger. They could have had cute kids and maybe grandkids by now

  • I hope they get together

  • Me too. Incest is beautiful

  • It is beautiful and should be legalized.

  • 100% yes! I can't think of any reason not to. If she's interested in sex and a possible relationship, go for it!!!

  • Good comment they need to go for it and provide update

  • Need to try get her into bed while her hubby's at work I'm sure she is up for sex

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