Pay back

When I recently got caught cheating on my gf of over 2 years I was really gutted and felt so bad about it, recently I was at a club and my ex and white a few of her mates where there but didn't think much of it, when I needed the loo was shocked that I was grabbed by the girls into the ladies my hands tied behind my my back and to a pipe my ex said with a big smile on her face I had humiliated her now it was my turn with that she pulled my trousers and pants down to my ankles and they all said have fun as u can imagine I was humiliated every time the door opens women laughing some looking shocked a lot took pics some slapped me I was let go after an hour but seems so much longer do u think I deserved that much done to me

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  • I think you loved every minute of it.

  • Haha, you got off easy. I made my husband watch me fuck his boss that he hated, then lick my pussy with his cum dripping out of me.

  • I wish i was your hubby. I would have asked to suck him too. Embarrassing to admit

  • What did your husband do to earn such a hot punishment?

  • Slept with my bestie, and my sister

  • You cheat, you have consequences. Hope you learned your lesson.

  • Tell me about cheating on her... with you and how did you get caught?

  • Wank fluff from a woebegone wanker.

  • If I walked in I would have kicked you so hard in the balls about four times, that might take the smirk off your face you prick

  • I've been cheated on and excused of cheating it's the worst feeling ever. The worst though is getting an std then pretty much beat cause I didn't get it from cheating he did. Then gave it to me.

  • Wow that is harsh

  • Yeah

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