Nailed my cousin

My cousin Kristin is 38 and she and her husband have always been known to throw big parties at their place during the summer. They invited me to one, and I went solo because I'm currently separated from my wife. I'm 44.

I arrived at their place and I knew it was a big party, as I had to park on their lawn because cars were everywhere. I could hear the music blaring from outside. When I walked in Kristin greeted me with a hug and a little kiss, and her breath reeked of tequila. She was pretty smashed, as were most of the others there. The party had been going on for hours.

I had a good time drinking and meeting new people. It was fun. After a few hours things were winding down and there were only a few people left, five or six. I was helping clean up when Kristen stumbled in and somewhat slurred, "Thanks for coming. I've always thought you were the hot cousin." She then pulled me close by the neck of my t-shirt and planted a kiss on my lips. She was a really good kisser and I kissed back. I stopped and asked where her husband was, and she pointed over to a couch in the adjacent room and he was passed out cold.

We kept kissing when she chuckled, "I'm horny and wanna fuck you. You down?" I wasn't sure to say yes or no, because she was a cousin and I wasn't sure if it was the booze talking or if she really liked me in that way. I admit that I've always thought she was hot: uniquely pretty face, shapely hips, full ass, average but firm tits. After several seconds I said "Okay" and she led me by the hand down into the living room. She stripped off her jeans and she looked gorgeous in her thong. She came over and unbuttoned my jeans and started to give me head.

I had a bit of whiskey dick, so it took a while to get hard, but I got there. She took off her thong and spun around on all fours, her ass and pussy right in front of me. I slipped it in and immediately knew it was the best pussy I'd had in my life, not too tight, not too loose, nice and wet. I had to slow down and even pull out a few times because I was constantly on the brink of losing my nuts in her. She got off twice in about ten minutes and I decided to let myself blow in her. She wiped up with a napkin that was nearby, put her clothes back on, and gave me a kiss. I was too drunk to drive home so I crashed on the couch.

The next morning Kristin made me and her husband breakfast, and we were all still drunk from the night before. Really hung over. She acted totally normal, and I wondered if she even remembered that we had screwed each other the previous night. I still wonder.


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  • I used to hang with my cousin all the time. We used to have parties and invited people who played sex games. I always made sure her and I never had sex, but one time we got pretty drunk and we were playing truth or dare. We got dared to fuck even though everyone knew that was against the rules. I was just about to yell foul play when my cousin got up and said ok. She walked, well more like stumbled over and grabbed my dick. She straddled me and slid down on me. I was too drunk to argue.

  • I'm gonna say there is a very good chance she knows what went on. I've done similar and carried on as usual like nothing happened.

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