Transformed V

After our pool was fixed up and getting the shakedown by Ted and Nate the pool guys, things were getting interesting. Kelly had gotten naked n front of them. I don't think she had ever been naked in front of anyone but me since before I knew her. She got Nate naked and gave him a handjob in front of me and Ted.
That evening, we went out to eat. She wore one of her sexy new dresses. On the way to the restaurant, she took my hand and put it under her dress. No panties! That was a first. We were seated in a booth. Usually we sit across from each other. This time, she sat down and pulled me in with her. She took my hand and put it on her leg. While looking at the menu, I let my hand wander. By the time we finished dinner, she'd had an orgasm from the combination of being naughty and my fingers. The back of her dress had a big wet spot. When we got to the car, she said she needed a towel or something to sit on to save the seat. I couldn't find anything. She reached down, in the middle of the parking lot and pulled the dress over her head and quickly sat down. She looked at me and said problem solved. We hauled ass home, more sex, more talk.
The next day, we were lounging by the pool. Kelly was just wearing the thong part of her suit. Ted showed up late in the afternoon to check the pool. Nate had family business to take care of and couldn't make it. A topless Kelly was no shock anymore. Ted said his hellos and went to work. It only took a few minutes and he came over to give an update. It was late in the day, so Kelly offered us a beer and we both accepted. She got up and went inside. Ted asked about the day before. I told him briefly about our transformation. He grinned and said good for you. I told him it may be good for him, but we'd have to wait and see. Kelly came back with the beers and sat down with us. Ted kept stealing glances at her tits. Kelly was shaking her tits at him and he was just staring. Without stopping, she said, Ted I'm sorry about yesterday. He asked why. She said Nate got a handjob and he didn't get anything. She said that she wanted to make things right and put her hand on his leg. Ted looked at me like he was asking if everything was alright. I smiled and shrugged. Kelly did the same thing and I responded the same way. She moved her hand up to his crotch and got a handful. Then the other hand. She pulled down his zipper and tried to get his dick out. Hardon won't fit. She unbuttoned his shorts and had him stand up. She slid his shorts and underwear down. He wasn't as big as Nate but just as hard. Kelly led him by the dick to the patio and had him lay on the chaise exactly like she did with Nate. She spit on his dick and stroked. Spit and stroke, spit and stroke. She stood up never letting go of his dick and stepped over the chaise. I thought she was going to sit on it, but she stepped all the way over. She was now facing me, spit, stroke, spit, stroke. She looked my in the eye as she put her lips to Ted's dick and licked it. And again before sliding the head in. She was putting on a show. She gave him a blowjob from hell. I'd never seen her suck dick like that. He told her he was close. She didn't back off. He nutted in her mouth. She swallowed most of it. She had some in the corners of her mouth. She smiled at Ted, got up and walked over to me. She asked if I was mad, I said no. She pulled my head down and gave me a deep kiss. I could taste Ken's cum as I pushed my tongue into her mouth. She looked at Ken and said, now you're even. I said, not so, Nate only got a handjob.

Mar 20

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