Fooled around with my cousin

Where I was in my late 20’s I took a part time cooking job at a busy, popular franchise restaurant. I worked with a lot of people around my age, and mostly hot younger servers. I hooked up with more than a couple in the year that I worked there. I worked with 3 siblings in the kitchen two brothers and the youngest sister. The oldest was about my age and the next two were A few years younger than the last. So, 28,25, and about 22. Had the middle brother on Facebook and one day his mom sees me and recognized me as a cousin. There Mom was my grandfathers sisters daughter. Not sure what that makes them in relation to me other than cousins. He even brought in a genealogy book with mine and all my family names showing me the relation. Near the end of my one year stint there I started talking to the younger sister through text outside of work. Over time (and with a little bit of typical male persuasion) it turned into flirting and soon sexting and dirty pictures. This went on for a couple years off and on as long as (she) was single. She’d the dirtiest shit and whatever I asked her to do as far a pictures went. We’d talk dirty and fantasize about things and talk about how we were cousins and that we’d have to take all this to the grave. Over the next 5 years we text and talk randomly if or when either of us was single and ask if we wanted to “play” we kept talking about hooking up in person and finally play out this drawn out fantasy. She was always ready and willing but I was sometimes hesitant because I said I wanted to do everything and fuck her bareback because I hated condoms, but she wasn’t on the pill or anything. Couldn’t imagine getting a cousin pregnant. Finally about a year ago we were playing over text on night and I said that I was going to stop by her place the next day while I was working in the area ( my job has me driving around the city from place to place) she agreed. But I told her that it had to be cold emotionless sex in every way. I told her I would text when I was on my way and when I buzzed her suite I wanted her naked and masturbating on her couch. I would let myself in and start playing with her and she would suck my dick and let me do whatever I wanted and when I was done (or she said STOP obviously) I would just walk out. Just like that. I showed up and when I walked in she was doing exactly what I asked. I felt her tits, her whole body because I had seen it for years but not in the flesh. I dropped my pants and immediately stuck my cock in her mouth to suck while we both played with her pussy. I got so hard and she was moaning. I asked her if she wanted to fuck. She nodded “yes “ with my dick in her mouth. I told her to tell me that she wanted me but we shouldn’t because we’re cousins and promised not to tell. I put her legs up and just slammed my cock inside her. She was so wet and tighter than I thought. She said she hadn’t fucked in months. We kept fucking and she started to say things like “ I hope my mom or our family doesn’t catch us, maybe we should stop “ not sure I tried to pull out and she grabbed me back in. I let her get on top and rub her clit because she told me before that always gets her off. First time she came she spilled buckets on me. She went a little longer and came again. I looked at the mess she left and told her to lick it up off me. She did and sucked me more. I asked when it was my turn and she said whenever you want. I asked to cum in her mouth and she said “no” she didn’t like it. But I could cum on her face and or tits. I made a frown face of disappointment jokingly and said “it’s not the same “ she said back “ok fuck me and then just cum inside and don’t stop until you do, don’t worry I’m at that part of my cycle where it’s almost impossible to get pregnant “. I asked if she was sure and she replied “yes. We waited 5 years best we make it good “ after a while longer fucking, every position and more dirt talk I came so hard it was epic. I told her to clean up my cock with her tongue and wipe her pussy with her fingers and lick them clean. After that we looked at each other giggled and both agreed it was good. She got up to use the bathroom and I stood up got dressed said thanks I have to go and walked out. She text me an hour later with a picture of her pussy showing me how wet she still was and how good it felt me cumming inside her. We fooled around more off and on over text since then and she let me come over one night after the bar because I said I was drunk and horny. She was sending me pics earlier. I told her to answer the door naked and just start blowing me and suck my dick into her room, spread her pussy and let me fuck it while she fantasizes talked about trying to have a cousin of hers join us for a threesome. It wasn’t my blood cousin but it was one of hers. Apparently I wasn’t the only cousin she had a thing with. She showed me a picture of her cousin Jen topless with her panties pulled down a little. She wanted my cousins opinion on the picture before she sent it to her BF. But she kept it and showed it to me. She currently has a bf right now but when we talked last it wasn’t serious yet so she and I had a quick little romp before things did with him and her. Unless they get married it won’t be the last. Sorry for the long story but I promise this is %100 true so if you stuck through it I hope you enjoyed it.

PS: have and saved every picture she ever sent me. ??

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  • Kissing Cousins 👍👍👍👍been there still do it.

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