First time sauna

I have always had thoughts about other guys but by the age of 41 I had only ever kissed another guy once. I was due to get married in 4 months to my fiancée & when she went to another city for her hen party, I went for a night out alone. I went to a few bars & had a few swift beers to pluck up some courage. I thought, just go for it! I walked to a local gay sauna for the first time.....I was so nervous! I checked in, got a locker key, undressed & wrapped my white towel around myself. On walking into the sauna itself, there was only one other guy in there sitting in the corner, he was about 20 years older than me so around 60. I sat in the opposite corner directly facing him. He was sitting with one leg raised allowing me to see his cock, I sat in the same position, showing off my smaller manhood. After some small talk, with me telling him it was my first time, he walked towards me & offered to show me around. He was standing directly in front of me naked, with his cock out & sporting a semi! I couldn’t resist & I asked if I could touch his cock. He said yes & I jerked him off for around a minute. He then took me by the hand & led me to a private bedroom, locked the door behind us & we dropped our towels. He lay down and I moved on top of him, kissing passionately, moving down licking his nipples then swiftly moving onto his impressive cock. I popped him into my mouth & felt him grow as i sucked on his manhood. I remember sucking him, licking his balls, jerking him off and blowing him some more. Suddenly, he flipped me over onto my back & hungrily sucked on my cock. He was now above me as I lay on my back, legs akimbo and knees raised. He motioned that he wanted to fuck me & I nodded. He got two pillows and placed them under my ass. I spread my legs again for him and he knelt between them as he slipped on a condom. He then leaned forward and kissed me passionately, he pinned me back with the inside of his strong arms in behind my knees, opening me up for him. I could feel the head of his cock nudging against me & suddenly he was inside. The pain was so intense, he held it there with just the head of his cock inside me before I asked him to go deeper. The pain started to subside & he was rhythmically fucking me with my feet bouncing in the air. After a short while he shot his load inside me, stood up a left our private bedroom, leaving the door wide open as I lay there totally f@cked and drained. I gathered myself & headed to the showers, head spinning, hangover setting in & trying to make sense of what had just happened. I loved it!

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  • I first made out with another boy who was a little older than me when I was 12. It was in the sauna where my aunt lives. It's a expensive cono that has a pool and full workout area. He fucked me the first time we made out and it was so cool. I do it like all the time when I stay with my aunt and even have sex with the man she's dating.

  • I was 20, engaged to be married and took a coworker's invitation to a "Guy's night out!" What he meant by a guy's night out was for me to experience what it was like to experience the love of another man. He'd been teasing me about how nice my ass was and I would blush in a boyishly way giggling a maybe in my own flirtatious way. The closer I got to my wedding and the more he kidded me about what he and his friends would treat me to the more I thought about it. I bought some novelty underpants, string bikini and the such telling myself that it was for "my honeymoon." It was a holiday weekend, labor day when I went to spend the weekend with him and his roommate. The first night we went out to all of his gay night spots and the experience of being constantly touched, fondled and even kissed had my boy panties itching for attention. I sucked him immediately when we got back to his apartment while his roommate went for a late pizza for us. After a post sex feast I was in bed with him and his roommate sucking his roommate and getting my cherry ass deflowered by him. I was such the cute little twink of a boy slut. It got better and better throughout the weekend and I was reluctant to go home.

  • I caught my father in law sniffing my wifes, of only two years, dirty panties one weekend when we went to visit them. He didn't see me, and I didn't say anything that day either.
    Well about a year we all went on a, camping, and fishing vacation. Well my Father in law and my wife went off into the forest to gather some fire wood. After I figured they had been gone way too long, I set out looking for them.
    When I found them, my wifes shorts panties were down to her ankles, and he had her bent over a fallen tree fucking the shit out of her from behind. I watched as he blew his load deep in her pussy. My wife wasn't on any type of birth control, because she was trying to get pregnant to start a family. Again I never said anything about it. However I couldn't get the size of his cock out of my mind. I've never seen a cock that big, it had to be at least 8 inches long and 3 inches thick.
    Well it wasn't much longer until I had the chance to experience his cock for myself. We went on a hunting trip together, and stayed in yhe sane tent together. When it came time for bed my father in law git totally naked and cimbed in his sleeping bag. So I did the same. Again not being able to get the size of his cock out of my head. I start to beat off in my sleeping bag. Next thing I knew he was doing the same, one thing lead to another, and the next thing I knew I had his cock in my mouth. Next thing I knew his cock was was deep in my ass. Truth be known this wasn't the first cock I'd sucked or had in my ass. But it was the biggest, and the best. Since then he can fuck my wife all he wants to, as long as he lets me suck his cock, and fucks my ass.

  • That was a great story, I got hard , I wish the story was longer.

  • I couldn’t make the story longer, I’d have had to make shit up... I do wish he fucked me for longer tho! I’m glad you enjoyed me recounting my first time x

  • I have hot sex with my FIL who is a silver hair stud. My wife thinks is great we get along and go on fishing trips, where we fuck and suck all weekend. My MIL caught us once when I was sucking his cock, but she was ok with it long as we kept it in the family.

  • My stud that popped my cherry was also silver haired & had heavy silver stubble. He was so sexy & very trim/in shape.

  • Silver dad studs are so hot. Love to make out and kiss him, and know thst when I swallow his cum it’s shooting out of the same cock that made my wife. I also rim his sweet ass.

  • I just finished reading your post and now have a raging hard on. I’m a recently married, 47 year old guy that would love to experience the touch of another man. I realize with me it’s a matter of when, not if. Happy for you!!

  • I still married my fiancée, that night though was the sexiest night of my life! I go to the same sauna once a month to get my cock fix.
    I’m glad my confession turned you on!

  • Congratulations on your marriage! I’m jealous of your situation. I need to get my cock fix! I’ve been imagining your naked body at that sauna. I bet you are sexy as fuck!!

  • Thank you! You should pull out all the stops to make it happen, I bet you’ll love it. I don’t know about me being sexy, I’m just an average Joe with a dad bod lol x

  • Hey Dad bod’s are hot!! Working up the nerve to make that next move. In the meantime, I’ve been watching a ton of “first time gay porn” and chatting with a few guys online.

  • It’s a pity we can’t get in touch!

  • 😉

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