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So long story short my husband works long hours away for weeks on end. When he comes home everything is great, we get along, we go out, we never fight, and you know the rest. So I'm at home several months back and one of my friends husband stops by to ask if I had seen my friend. I hadn't, and picked up my phone to call her. She answered and immediately said if her husband was there she didn't want to talk to him. So again, long story short there is this back and forth fight between my friend and her husband with me in the middle. Evidently my friends husband found out that she had slept with her old highschool flame when he was back in town. Now I knew this happened when she did it, but it's none of my business so I didn't say anything. She was wrong for sleeping with her old flame, but she was just being a bitch to her husband blaming it on him. Now I know for a fact that what she was telling him was bullshit. She fucked her old flame because she wanted to and because she still thinks he's hot. So anyway, she finally hangs up and refuses to take my call eventhough I never took any sides. So at this point her husband is almost in tears and I'm trying to console him. I didn't know what else to do and he was seconds away from crying, so I kissed him to take his mind off the situation. Well that was all it took, because he kissed me back and 30 seconds later we were both ripping our clothes off. We dropped right on the couch with me on my back and my friends husband between my legs. He pulled his cock up to my pussy and without any hesitation shoved it deep inside me. My husband had been gone for several weeks so I'm pretty horny and the feeling of him penetrating me was exquisite. I moaned loudly, arching my back and digging my nails into his back. Omg it felt so good. He's about the same length as my husband but a little more girthy. He rammed it in and out of me with each stroke inward stoping to grind up against my clit. It felt amazing and I have never had sex with anyone that good. I orgasmed almost immediately and then had many smaller orgasms along the way. After about 15 or 20 minutes of me having orgasm after orgasm, he finally told me he was about to cum. I told him to do it inside me because I'm on the pill. He grunted and moaned loudly as he ejaculated inside me. Afterwards he put his clothes back on, told me he was fine now, and left. He and my friend made up and they are going to counseling, but I can't stop thinking about how good he is. I so want to have sex with him again, but I risk my husband and friend finding out. Whenever we're alone I make little comments about wanting more of him, but he always just winks at me as he carries on.

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  • You need to find a side guy outside your circle of friends. I was that guy for gal who's husband was away a year. I did her good as she slept with 2 random guys she met at clubs. I became her regular one a week release.

  • It sounds like you have fallen for this guy. You can go for it but you need to be careful about hubby and his bitch wife finding out.

  • Try a threesome

  • There is no doubt you need extra cock on the side. You can never go back to just your husband once you experience the feeling of another man ejaculating inside you.
    If this guy doesn't want to play, I am pretty sure you can find another at your local cocktail bar. Maybe even have your husband help out choosing for you - you'd be surprised how many husbands are into that.

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