Drugging my wife and having her raped by other men

I have this fantasy that my wife and I have a night at home alone together.
We’re having drinks and just chatting. About the same time I notice the drugs I’ve been spiking her drink with are making her honey and kicking in before she realizes something is weird, I text the guys I’ve payed to wait outside my house for the right moment.
There’s a knock at the door and my wife answers. She’s met by a handful of men that I’ve screened and k ow for fact have HUGE cocks.
They play along and make it seem as if I’m a hostage too.
They make me watch them rape her. At first she is scared and in pain but she can’t help but orgasm in front of me over and over again.

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  • My buddy adores my wife and told me wants to fuck her. A little annoyed and a flattered I was. We be in my man cave having beers and she would join us. He'd be all smitten over her, and she could tell too. Alone I asked her if she was good with Bob's crush on her -- she said she loved it, who doesn't like that?
    We're done having kids so WTF. Told Bob to put the moves on her right in front of me, she's more likely to put out knowing I'm giving her a non verbal hall pass. I'll leave the room at the right time if she's game. They both like to dance. I put on songs, ending with slow ones. They started to make out, then off comes her halter top. She looks over at me, I gave her an approve nod -- I peeked in to them fucking like prom night. About once a month he we do a redo, it makes her horny as hell for weeks. She feels a little whorish, I tell her life is too short and if a beer tuck hits me he'll take care of you.

  • Want my wife to do the same glad someone is doing this

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