Caught my mom

My sister and I are very close. We have never had sex, but we touch each other when we are horny, and I frequently dry hump her with our underwear on. Last week, I dry humped her till I shot a big load in my undershorts. It made such a mess, and soaked through to my sisters panties, so we had to take them off and throw them in the dirty clothes hamper. Right after I did, my mom gathered up the clothes, to do a load of wash.
I was worried that mom would find our cum soaked undies and we would be in trouble. I decided to go downstairs to the laundry room, thinking that I could talk to her and distract her from noticing them as she put them in the washer. I peeked through the partially opened door, just as my mom was placing my under shorts to her nose. She took a big whiff, then she put it up to her mouth and actually sucked my fresh cum out of them. I couldn't believe my eyes. My cock started to grow hard in my shorts, even though I had just busted a nut about thirty minutes earlier. Mom then threw my shorts in the washer and grabbed my sisters fresh panties and did the same thing with them. I quietly went back upstairs and told my sister what I had seen. She didn't believe me at first, but we were both nervous about what mom would say or do, because she obviously knows that my cum was in my sisters panties. Mom never said a word about it, and acts as if nothing happened.

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  • I caught my mom doing the same with my cum soaked briefs. I confronted her about it, and before we knew it we were in bed fucking. My mom's pussy was amazingly tight, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Now it has become a habit.

  • ...then your dad come home and fucked you in your little asshole. The end!

  • That's just sick, dude. Pretty sure my father is not gay. Does your dad fuck you in the ass, or do you just fantasize about your dad fucking you in the ass?

  • The sniffing and licking is weird, but I raised two boys and when doing their laundry it was a shock if I didn't come across clothing items that weren't coated with their cream of seed.

  • How old are you guys?

  • We are in our early teens. We both agree that we are pushing the edge of what brother and sister should do, but we agree that we will never have actual sex with each other, it's just a fun thing we do together. My sisters best friend told her that she plays around with her little brother too, so I don't think it's that unusual.

  • If you are using birth control you can have full penetrative sex. I did with my sister many times.

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