Wife’s Best friend

On a weekend away with my wife, her best friend & her husband. We had been out drinking. On arriving back at the hotel, slightly drunk, my wife went straight to bed & suggested I go to our friends room for a nightcap. Eventually I ended up on the big double bed with my wife's best friend. when her husband went to the bathroom we began kissing passionately. He came out & caught us, said nothing, and I left. I want my wife’s best friend so bad! We secretly message each other, mostly innocent but sometimes flirty.

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  • Sort of similar thing happened to me, sort of. But I was the husband and my best friend was making out with my drunk wife. We went out, in Vegas, and my friend’s wife and him got into a big argument and she locked him out of their hotel room. So, he asked if he could sleep in our room, it was about 3 am, so I said okay. My wife was drunk. Really drunk. And laying in the bed, my friend was on the floor. I went to the bathroom to wash up for bed for the night, and when I got back my friend was on top of my wife kissing her neck and had his hand in her panties. My wife had her eyes closed and was barely responding. I went over and started kissing her and pulled up her shirt, and we both sucked her tits. He took off her panties and went down on her while I tried putting my cock in her mouth. She sucked it a little then would pass out until I’d shake her. Then my friend tried putting his dick in her mouth while I had sex with her. Since she was drunk and didn’t know what was going on I lubed her and did her anal, rough, in missionary position while my friend was basically doing her mouth. She was unresponsive mostly, just some slight whimpering. He came on her face and I came in her butt. Then we went to sleep. The next morning my wife woke up bottomless, crusty butt and crusty faced with my friend snoring on the floor. She asked me what happened. I told her that she was wild, and wanted to have sex with both of us but I told her no, but she begged and nearly forced him so I allowed her to blow him. I told her I was really mad at her for doing that, but it was sexy so I could forgive her if she’d make it up to me sexually because I lied and said I was hurt by her betrayal. She apologized profusely and then shunned my friend and felt major embarrassment and did anything I wanted sexually for the rest of the trip. I still play on that guilt to get what I want sexually.

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