I can't keep it up !

I really don't know what to do. My wife is getting anxious for some hard cock. I just can't seem to stay hard long enough to make her happy. I have tried both Cialis and Viagra. Neither seem to help much. I can't even jack off . My wife says it must be all in my mind. She told me if something doesn't happen soon she will have to take matters in her own hands to get what she needs. She says she still needs sex now and then. I'm 67 and she's 56. I love her so much. I'm afraid I'm going to lose her to someone that can please her. My blood pleasure is excellent . The only medication I take is Flomax for my prostate. Would that put a damper on things? Getting desperate . Don't want my lovely wife going elsewhere.

2 months ago

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    • Wish mine did and I'm 64

    • I sometimes have the same issue. What I did was got one of those hallow strapons. if I cant stay hard I put that on and then I can please her for hours. it works for us.

    • I'm 70 and still fuck my wife. If I'm not already hard, I think about the other guys that she fucked before we got together and I quickly get an erection. Thinking about the many times other guys came inside my wife never fails.

    • I get that. I'm hung like a mid size porn start. Every GF told me how big I was. I learned to gloat. My wife just snickers when I gloat thinking ~that's so high school of him, bragging about his huge penis.~ Well she not thinking that. So we're watching Nymphomaniacs II on Netflix. These 2 black guys are total freaks of nature. They have T-Ball bats for dicks., My Jill says before she met me a black guy from work just had to have her. He was maybe a little bigger than these 2. - they were FWB 2 years. I'm like GTFO -- She went to an all white small HS and couldn't wait to date black guys in college. And I was bigger than all but one. A white guy was about the same. I would have guessed she has 3 partners, Now I know about 8. "so you were a coed slut." "that's the place to be a coed slut., why do you think they give out free condoms, mostly to the girls" that's what she said.."

    • Ran into the same problem my Dr checked my testosterone levels all was good . Sometimes I would be hard my wife start sucking I would go limp or when it was in her . My wife thought it was her told her probably all the stress and extra weight I am carrying. But my Dr gave me low dose of vigra but my wife will hit the roof found out I am taking it. She don't understand she found some a buddy gave me and was pissed. So I hide it and take it when I want some or think she might want some dick. Half the time it goes to waste since you got to take about 30 minutes before. I end up going to bed with a stiff my wife still up doing shit in the house.

    • I don't really understand your wife. She wants sex but doesn't want you to take meds for it. It's obviously not a desire problem on your part, it's simply a medical thing that can be treated. If the medical issue was with her e.g. dryness then I'm sure that you would both be OK with some lube. She should be pleased that you think of her and desire her that you would go to the trouble of getting the meds. If it was some other issue such as hypertension she would have ho problem with you taking meds. It's very selfish and vain of her to be so unsupportive.

    • With her due consent find a willing young man to satisfy her needs. That is go for 3-some with a young man. Medication will not work, at my age (70 yo) I have the same experience and my young partner is an asset for both of us.

    • Like others, I urge you to go see your doctor and tell him the viagra/cialis is not enough. Maybe he had solve your problem. If not, consider getting a cock sleeve (see https://joynights.org/best-penis-sleeves/). They have a ring that goes over your balls so it doesn't fall off, and you'll be able to penetrate your wife even if you are not hard enough. It may save your marriage. But tell her if she decides to get sex elsewhere then don't come home. Have some self respect!

    • Let her fuck other men while you participate. Kiss her as she is getting fucked. Lick her pussy as she is taking that cock! Lick her pussy after he has came in her. Many ways to save your marriage! Just be willing! Good luck!

    • At 70 my boners weren't as hard as at 30. I was too embarrassed to ask my guy doc, then he was out and a lady doc was his substitute. So asked her for some pills. She said lets give your prostrate a "good exam." She had me shed my paper gown and lean over, forearms on the exam table, and for 2 minutes she works a lubricant up bung hole, all the while while peeking around at my dick,. I get a boner "don't be embarrassed this a health thing" -- Then she goes to town on the prostrate. Judging from your erection, prostrate and EKG I'm prescribing a low dose ED pill. I fuck like 30 again.
      PS Sometimes I think of the lady doc butt fucking me

    • If you are already taking medicine for your prostate, you definitely need to consult your doctor. Get your testosterone level checked. Some across-the-counter remedies are Stamina Rx, which contains yohimbe bark extract, an early ED fix, and Irwin Naturals Steel Libido Red, a nitric oxide booster for blood flow. I'm your age, and those two certainly help. A definite, but more dangerous remedy would be some new pussy, some "strange" as they say. I'm not encouraging you to stray, but, if your partner seems headed that way, you might at least consider it.

    • Have you tried a cock ring?

    • I found that viagra and a cock-ring works. My wife will give me oral until I'm hard then we go at it. It's never a long session but she seems to be pleased.

    • Maybe your looking at being Cuckold real soon, let her have the sex she deserves with other boyfriends, don't be such a prick that you only think about yourself OK?

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