Literally just happened

I was enjoying my favorite past-time of public masturbation 2-4 am early in the morning. At a bus stop enclosed seating area, driving at night at 60km/hr you are not going to notice someone stroking it in there, from either direction. Pretty cool right? Except for one draw back, it sits infront of a T-section stop. Although it the off street is at a 45 degree angle and not straight forward like most T-sections. I was sitting in the bus stop going for gold with a nice cock ring on (its pretty cold at night so that helps) and using a wonderful masturbation cream specifically for masturbation and not just some random lube watching abit of porn on my phone, when I see a light coming towards the section from the off street. Normally I get up and run to a phone booth 2 meters to the left, it provides enough cover if a car sits at the stop and people won't see me. But this time I'm feeling brave/kinky and think "Nah, this time they can see my cock!". Guess who rolls up? A copper. A proper paddy wagon with the plastic room in the back to throw criminals in. Holy shit. It stops with its beams on me, spread leg stroking what god gave me and then... turns and drives away. Holy fuck! What just happened? Shouldn't he flash the lights and pull up to me and start the whole process? Nope. Just drives right by. I knew he saw me, but nothing happened. That was at 3-3:05 am. So I go soft cause I a little cold and really shook, but I still haven't cum yet so I stay outside, heart pounding. So I switch to some erotic JOI/other audio. So I can keep a look out and enjoy myself at the same time. Couple of cars past and Semi-Trailers roll by. But around 3:40 I start to get to finishing when I spot some bright lights coming down the road thinking it's just a Semi. Until I see a smaller car in front of it. It's pretty dark road so I can't see what type of car it is, or color, but I think to myself "Welp, if a cop car already drove past ya and did nothing, most well give this a shot." So I walked out from the bus stop enclosure and stand on the side of the road. At the start of the bike lane. And as I start to orgasm, I see it. POLICE on the bonnet. Fuck! And then I came about two shots ( it was cold guys!honest!) and the cop was about 2 meters infront of me. And he too just drove right past. WTF?! How! He didn't even pull over or turn back around! I was so shocked! And then the Semi drove past and I remebered "Oh shit I'm a naked guy with his cock out in the cold morning on the side of the road." So I quickly ran the grab my things and clothes and quickly made a mad dash to my house just three doors down the road. As I was running I kept looking over my shoulder thinking "He's gotta be around here somewhere! Probably already turned around and coming back to do a double check that he saw a naked guy cumming on the side of the road. I eventually made it back to my house and quickly did a google search for something like this website. And began telling you guys. It's 4:10 am now as of posting. And I don't think I'll be jerking for outside for a little while. All true too. Don't know how to convince you but there really isn't any way for me to make that up. Been jerking there for a while now but that was the only time I saw cops. Pretty quiet and nice neighborhood. Honestly, what a fucking rush!

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  • Most cops have no desire to confront a sick pervert wacking off on the street. Unless there are other people who can see, or called in a complaint, or they are really bored, they will drive right by.

  • I used to have a recessed porch, back against the side of the house instead of against the busy street. My boyfriend and I would fuck out there ALL THE TIME. One night he has me bent over the rail, and he is balls deep, when a flashlight hits us. I guess there had been trouble in the neighborhood. The cop was cool, he told us to just go inside. I guess that’s a dumb story

  • No, thanks for sharing. Did your bf stay inside you or pull out when the cop arrived?

  • He stayed inside me, and pulled out slowly with the cop shining his light on us. I think the cop got off on seeing it, I think he was watching for awhile before he turned on his light.

  • Those coppers are addicts. They were on their way for a fix at the donut shop.

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