Friends son

I'm a 35 year old teacher and my mates son is in the sixth form at my school,we became friends after i helped him out 3 years ago, having spent times around her house ive got used to him being flirty towards me and in the last few months i started flirting back even when im taking his lesson i would walk past his desk which is right Infront of mine and lean forward so he can see down my shirt as i sit down one occasion we was texting eachother in class and i let him get dirty with me he texted saying i turned him on and he would fuck me over my desk if i let him then another saying if i wanted to see it come to the toilet and he got up and walked out, only a few miy had passed and told the other students to carry on and i won't be long,my mind was racing thinking about what might happen as i went in i pushed the first cubicle door open and he was standing with his jeans down to and jerking off i asked him to stop because the trouble we would get in if someone walked in and with that he quickly grabbed my arm pulling me in and locking the door he started kissing me his hands went up my skirt took my underwear off i knew what was coming he lifted me a little and that was it he was fucking me anyone could of heard us in that minute,when it was over i panicked quickly sorted myself out and rushed back to class without my underwear which he gave back later,I could end up with nothing if we do it again.

1.1 years ago

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    • I was pregnant with twins, husband was going on deployment, an old friend flew to town with her son looking for an apartment for her son while he was attending college. But instead jake ended up staying with me, it didn’t take long before we were having sex, and instead of sleeping in the guest room, jake stayed in the master bedroom with me. He had me feeling sexy again (38 & pregnant). Even after the pregnancy when I couldn’t lose the weight he still continued to pleasure me. Which gave me motivation to lose that weight. He’s graduated college now, but we still meet up, and he’s looking for a house near by.

    • Your spelling, spacing, and capitalization are not convincing me that you are a teacher -- and a teacher in the UK no less!

    • That boy really knew what he was doing. Did you take his virginity then and there? He seemed like he's done it before with those moves he did with you on the bathroom stall.

      Did he bend you over the toilet and take you from behind or from the front? He must have been one of the taller boys in the class.

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