I Love To Have People See Me Naked

I love to have people see me naked and love to be naked in public. It is exhilarating to post my nude photos on various websites and I love to read peoples comments about looking at me. It turns me on to know that men and women like to look at my naked body and fantasize about taking me to bed. My husband and I both get excited reading the various comments people send to us. We get tribute photos sent to us, and it really gets me going. I love to see a man get hard and erect saluting my naked body and cumming all over me.

My husband and I have swapped with several different couples over the past few years and really enjoyed the experience. We both love to watch each other play with others and satisfy our partners and satisfy our own needs as well. We aren't jealous about sharing each other with other men, women and couples. We are very secure in our marriage. My husband is 63 and I am 58. We are very happily married grandparents that still enjoy sex in middle age.

I love to take risks and try to get naked in public places with people nearby. It thrills me to think about getting caught naked by others. My husband and I enjoy having sex in the outdoors and in public places with the thrill of getting caught. We haven't yet, but we know it will happen sometime.

An example of being naked in public happened just a few weeks ago. My husband and I were at the local mall, and we went into a lingerie store to look at some lingerie and sexy bras and panties. The store was quite crowded in the middle of the afternoon on the weekend. I took several different things into the dressing rooms, and my husband stood attentive nearby. The dressing room door was exposed out to the crowded store. I stripped down naked and tried on an outfit and opened the door and stepped out into the store to show my husband. There were quite a few men and women and young men in close proximity. My husband walked up to me and I showed him the outfit. It was a very slinky sheer negligee. He really got excited seeing me in it, and so did several other men. They started looking at me and looking me over and walking over to me. I stood there and let them get a good look at me. You could see right through the outfit and it left nothing to the imagination. I said I would be back in a couple of minutes and went back in to change into another outfit, a very sexy thong G-string and very revealing bra. I came back out and showed my husband again and the other men were standing talking to him. They all were happy with what they saw. I bent over to pick something up off a table, and my breasts absolutely fell out of the bra I had tried on. I was startled when I realized I was exposed. The men all started coming up to me and circled me to get a better look. This really got me excited and I soon became more brave and bold. Now I had close to 30 men and women standing around me enjoying the view and talking to me. They were all telling me how good I looked and how sexy and desirable I was. This really turned me on. I told them to wait there as I returned to the dressing room. I had several bags with me of items I had already bought in other stores and my husband had a few bags as well. It was quite cold outside that day, so I also had a coat with me in the dressing room. I quickly returned to the dressing room, stripped naked, put all my clothes in the bags I had, picked up my coat, and walked back out to my husband and the large group of people totally naked. I was absolutely bare assed naked and it was totally exhilarating and the most exciting feeling I have ever had! As I stood there surrounded by a ever growing group of people, my husband told a couple of young men to put their arms around me and touch and fondle me. They put their hands all over my body, fondled my boobs, ran their fingers inside my thighs and gently parted my pussy lips and got their fingers wet. I was litterly dripping with excitement. My husband was loving this and very proud of how brave and eager to be taken by strangers I was. We were now drawing a very large crowd of people and felt it was time to vacate the store before a scene developed and mall security showed up. My husband had been taking several pictures of me and the scene on his cell phone. He started to walk out of the store. I followed him with 4 men walking with me. They were carrying my bags and my coat. Remember that I am totally naked with these strangers on all sides of me surrounding me from the rest of the store as my husband was walking ahead of us all. As we exited the store and entered the mall, I was still naked. We walked 2-3 stores down the mall and people started to realize I was naked, and started to stare and look at me. More and more people started walking up towards me, and I got my coat from one of the guys from in the store who was holding my things. I put the coat on to cover up just as a security guard walked by to see what the commotion was all about. We continued walking down the mall and went out the exit doors to the parking lot where my husband and I had come in. We started walking towards our car, with the 4 young men with me. Once we were out in parking lot, I once again took my coat off to reveal myself to one and all. God it was cold, but also very exciting. My nipples were so pert! I have very erotic nipples that are very pert most of time so they were very pert at this time. I could have hung my car keys on them.
We walked over to our car and my husband open it up and put our goods and all of my clothes in. The guys were disappointed to see this situation was going to end. My husband them asked them if they were interested in leaving with us to spend the rest of the afternoon and evening with me. He told them he was interested in watching them take me to bed and satisfy my every desire and need. They couldn't believe they had the opportunity to be so lucky. All this time I was still totally naked and starting to shiver. Two of the sweet boys put their arms around me and cuddled me close. They started to take turns kissing me, and put their hand all over me. The guys were all parked close by so they went and got one of their cars to follow us home. My husband drove our car home and I rode with the 4 guys in one of their cars naked. We had a great time on the 20-30 minute drive home. I really got to know them all on the way home. The poor guy driving missed out on most of the fun, except that I gave him a quick blow job as he followed my husband. They were all highly aroused and all had huge bulges in their pants as they thought about the opportunity to take me to bed. It didn't take long to suck the driver off. I sucked his cock for less than 2 minutes and he came in my mouth and all over my face. I swallowed every bit of it and licked off the rest from his tall proud cock. Then I did the same with the other guy in the front passenger seat, (I was in the middle). I sucked him off and swallowed his load. Then I jumped in the back seat and the two guys took turns finger banging me and licking my pussy as I sucked them off also.

When we arrived home, I put my coat on to not draw too much attention from the neighbors as it was still slightly light out. We went in the house to meet my very excited husband. Then the fun really began. We all went in the bedroom and I had my way with all 4 of the guys as my husband sat and watch the entire episode. He loved it and so did I. I had done 2 guys at once several time over the years, but had never been with more than 2 guys at once until now. Let me tell you, having 4 partners at once is great.. We did it all, I must have had 10-12 multiple orgasms and fucked each one of them 3 times. Needless to say, when it was all said and done, I had been a very naughty girl and my kitty was worn out. My husband took 100's of pictures of us all and got a lot of it on video to remember forever.

We are now planning another thrilling episode in the near future.

I hope you enjoyed this true exciting story, and it encourages and excites you to explore and reach out to fulfill your fantasies. Remember, life is short, so take the first step to fulfill your fantasies and dreams.

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  • While I appreciate your well wishes at the end, and the writing is erotic, I don't buy it as a "true story". Even if the lingerie store was Victoria's Full Frontal Confession ! Sorry.

  • Oh gawd, there are so many one liners applicable here, take your choice :
    "And then you woke up". " Get over yourself". "It's getting deep in here today".
    "Look, you have no credibility". "Close enough". "Belay that".

  • Wasted space on this site

  • Why put so much effort into a lot of crap, you really don't think anyone would believe it

  • What a load of rubbish

  • Bullshit story you were on walking around a mall naked.

  • Exactly.

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