My Friend Jessica

It was late one afternoon and I was sitting in my room with Jessica my friend. She asked me if I ever thought about being in a movie. I said I never thought about it then I asked her why would I be thinking about being in a movie. She said she had some ideas. I asked what the ideas were and she whispered to me that she wanted to make a sex tape and I thought okay, we could but what's in it for me really ? | She told me that I could do to her anything that I wanted and it was okay so I thought maybe but I'm not so sure about doing some things in front of a camera. She said "pretty please" and looked at me and said "I know you're the most gentle and I trust you, I know you wouldn't do this, but this is something I've wanted for a while now so please if you would lay down I'll do all the work" | so I thought she wouldn't be disappointed if I agreed so I agreed and said "okay we'll do this but please don't hurt m?, you know what I mean". | She took her time getting undressed and once she was I looked at her and I had a feeling that I had before, it was the feeling of sadness mixed with the feeling of loneliness, I didn't have that feeling for a while until that afternoon. She must have known what I was thinking because she looked me in the eyes and said "I would never hurt you, not intentionally you believe me don't you".I looked at her and I cried and she said "what's the matter? "and I told her about the last time (I wasn't going to get into details so I didn't tell her everything) and she understood and I felt like I needed to lay down so I layed down.I told her I was tired and she said "lay there baby" she got on the bed and unzipped my pants and pulled my dick out and played with it, it got hard and she said "don't worry, I had a hysterectomy" I knew she wouldn't get pregnant. She straddled me and took her sweet time riding me to orgasm. For an hour it felt good, she didn't moan or scream but that was okay. | After she finished I still didn't have an orgasm, when she got off of me she looked at my dick and her eyes grew big, it was like she knew what she wanted to do next. she said "I'm going to suck your Dick" I wanted her to do it (because the last time I had my Dick sucked it felt so good, it was a young woman I was dating at a time in my life when I didn't have a friend she came along and showed me that no matter what you have to not give up, her name was Amy and I really liked her, the worst part is i guess that she st seeing me because she found a job in California and she had to be there, it really upset me when I saw her leave, I stood there in the middle of the street and cried) Jessica lowered her head and went to work sucking my Dick, it didn't take long before I came in her mouth_( I know she got a mouthful)she held my cum in her mouth as she pulled her head back without letting a drop of my cum out of her mouth, she sat up on her knees for an hour then she swallowed, she waited a few minutes and asked me "that wasn't so bad was it" she looked at my Dick again and it went limp and she told me "if it's done good it'll do you for a while" I knew what she meant.the entire hour I thought about Amy in California and I wanted to give her a call, then I thought maybe she's busy because the last time I talked to her was the day she left for California.I started crying and Jessica asked me "what's the matter again" I said "I'm hurt" she said "I know" (it's like Jessica knew every thought I had that day) she said "I didn't hurt you did I?" She layed down beside me and said "let's get some sleep".we fell asleep and didn't wake up until the next morning.when I woke up there was a cup of coffee waiting for me in the kitchen, I got up early that morning and went into the kitchen and she said "good morning lover" I said "you made coffee" she sat there and after almost ten minutes she said "I'm going to get you over her once and for all"


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  • Best story I have read so far

  • A true love story. I love it. It's great.
    That's what I think about it. I really
    hope she got the guy over what it
    was. I could understand.

  • هن هی خواهمابنبی

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