It happened

I met with a woman at the office to have a meeting, during the meeting I noticed she was lookin at me smiling. I didn't ask her why she seemed happy, after ten minutes in the meeting I felt a little cool air on my dick, then I remembered that I didn't zip my pants up when I was in the mensroom so I sat there and she asked me if I've ever been exited about anything and I said "not a lot excites me, 'cause I'm really not an excitable person" and she said okay but have you wanted to do "anything because you felt the need" and I said "yeah, sometimes, why" and she asked me if there is anything I need to take care of, and I tried to act like I didn't know what she meant and I said "not that I know of, why do you ask" and she said "if I step out in the hall you could figure out what we'll talk about in our next meeting" and she kept smiling and asked me "is it cold in here ?" and I said "not to me, I don't think so, why ?" and she said "I see your dick, do you want to play with it ?, it's okay, you can jack off now if you want, it's okay, why don't you grab that dick and jack off". There was a knock on the door and a woman opened the door and stepped in and looked but she didn't say anything and smiled and she waited a minute and said "I'm having a good day today how about you, it's cold in here isn't it" (to be continued)

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  • Коммент ? анъоне ? но ? И диднт тхинк со. тхис ъстäжäс но ликинг тхе комментс. со вхъ доеснт йулъс "Б" яуит ? & нер "факе фриендс".

  • Схес тхе онлъ оне комментер. Ъеах. & Схес а факе. & тхерес но контент.
    со вхат. Лол.

  • Лол & суск ит митрас. фуск ъоур комментс.

  • Mitras. July's "B" and "fake friends"
    She doesn't have. Why Kommente ? & the English is getting to all of you. Лол.

  • BTW take your word "done" and go to Hell with it. July's "B"

  • I know who comments. July's "B"

  • Right comment ? Take your "reality check" and go to Hell with it ! and your Lol

  • What a childish fantasy, how old are you? Do you think 🤔 💭 that cooperate workers attend business meetings in suits and they forget to wear pants or boxer shorts? That would be totally unprofessional and it could get you done for sexual arrangements. Next time imagine that you forgot your clothes in the toilet and you end up flashing your colleagues in the work place. That way you get to become famous in social media, appear in the news, get a reality check. Lol 😂

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