Question for females

Was wondering if there are any females, wives out there that can truely confess that they have always had a huge desire to have sex with your boyfriends close friend, husbands best friend.
I was wondering cause it seems like that sometimes when one of my friends is around. She seems to act totally different and would never fess up as I know it’s probably wrong. She has admitted that some guys have hit on her behind my back but I didn’t know them. Please be honest

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  • I have cheated on my husband with his best friend, one of his cousins. my biggest fantasy is for his dad to fuck me while my husband is at work

  • One of my husband's friends is sexy. I'd never cheat, but I like flirting a little. I also dress sexier if I know he's going to visit: subtle things, like skimpy tops, yoga pants, bringing up the topic of sex in offhand ways.

  • Yes I did and took it further too.

  • My boyfriend always says i act differently around one of his friends.
    truth is, hes right.
    i find it difficult to act normal around a guy who has been inside me repeatedly. a guy whos dick i have sucked on, who has made me orgasim longer and harder than anyone else including my boyfriend

  • My bf's best friend is hot--fit, muscular, shaved head, really handsome. His ass looks great in jeans too. He's taken, I'm taken, so nothing will ever happen, but being around him puts me into a lather. It's not something I've told my bf.

  • Sorry but yeah
    Been with my boyfriend almost ten years now and although i will most likely never act on it, one of his best friends is mouthwateringly hot. if i were single i would love to have his body all over mine, i would lick every inch and ride that man till he could take no more.
    but like i said, i would never act on it.

  • Thanks and sounds like your hubby is a lucky man.
    I’m sometimes unsure if maybe something has happened and she feels uncomfortable and doesn’t know how to act. She is very attractive and voluptuous and sexy looking.
    I’ve also caught on years ago guys only pretended to be a friend for an opportunity to get to her. It’s been difficult at times

  • Same could be said for the way i act around my boyfriends friend. i mean once a few years ago he complimented me on the top i was wearing i blushed and my boyfriend saw it all, it was like a crush but like i said before. it didnt mean i wanted to cheat. some guys are hot and its the same for us girls as it is you guys.

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