Behind closed doors

Amazing what goes on behind closed doors, my mate who I’ve known since school is a very successful person, he has a great business employing lots of people, he has the house the cars and the trophy wife to match.
It’s nothing unusual for my mates wife to drop by and say hello to me, the last four months she has dropped by three or four times a week, I knew this but didn’t put two and two together until she highlighted it.
The last four months my mate has been working from home, she said I’m her only male friend and because of our history she feels ok talking about it.
She is not liking him being home all the time, especially during the day, she said it’s not like I’m doing something I shouldn’t just feel like I’m being watched.
So I now know why she is dropping by more, what surprised me more was, she asked if I had an amazon account and could she use it, of course I said.
Little something for hubby I said, no a little something for me (her) she said, I want to order something and not be asked any questions about it because he now looks at the post being at home.
She placed the order and I got a notification on my phone, when I looked I said, wasn’t expecting to see that, she asked me not to say anything about it.
It was a dildo!
When it arrived I text her, couple days later she dropped by, I said you’re parcel is on the side, she then said can I ask another favour, can I leave it here, I said if you’re gonna leave it here why did you buy it, I have another favour to ask, when will you not be at home, immediately I knew what she was wanting to do.
She now has a key to my house and I know when she’s been using that dildo, my house smells of nice perfume.
Plus she hasn’t paid me for it.

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  • Yeah, you did not set up a very good deal... why would she not have used a female friend? I would tell her she can use your space, but you get to watch. Build up to participation.

  • Well, it seems you should give her a choice on how she wants to pay for it. I think that is what she is waiting for.

  • Maybe she wants to play. I fuck my husband in the ass

  • Good wife wish my wife would fuck me with strap on

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