The first bj I received

I'm a guy. One time when I was about 18 and my friends were busy, I used to walk to town and just hang out. So it's getting late, I'm tired and walking home which is about a half hour or so. It's late.
A car pulls up and the man asks if I want a ride. Well I'm young and stupid and unexperienced so I say yes. Well he doesn't take me right home. He parks and puts his hand on my genitals. I take his hand away. Suddenly he gets really angry and honestly I suddenly think, this guy could kill me here.
So.... next time I let him fondle me. He removes my clothes and leans over and begins to suck on me.
Soon my cock says well this isn't too bad. You can be afraid brain but this seems to work for me.
The guy finishes and thankfully drops me off near home.
Next day I'm thinking about this first experience and how I received pleasure and in return he received pleasure and a snack. This is great I decide and I will surely do this again...… which I did many times. No more scary stories but I do have a few other stories that may be interesting.

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  • More stories, please !

  • OMG, I'm a prostitute. There I was walking the streets alone late at night in Victoria. This man comes up and says, I'll give you $20 if you let me suck on you. Hell I say, I'll do it for free!
    He says "follow me" and I do.... to one of those down town poor hotel/apartment rooms.
    So he gets me naked with some help from me. I now get up and start jumping up and down on the bed like a little kid, buck naked with my 7.5 inch cock flying in the breeze. He is really paying attention now.
    All of a sudden what he said about paying me pops back into my mind. I stop and remind him of his offer. When he reminds me of my offer, I tell him that I now felt I could use the money. So he gets up and gives me my $20.
    He then asks me to lay down and I do. He goes to work and really sounds like he is enjoying himself which is great so I give him his snack.
    After, I get up to leave and he protests that he thought I would stay the whole night for $20. No I will not. No way was I going to be seen leaving a place like this in the light of day.
    That was the one and only time in my life that I took money for sex. I guess technically I'm a prostitute now.

  • Ok, when I get time alone I've got one about how I became a prostitute!

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