"Grower" or "Shower"?

My dick is 6.5" hard, pretty average. My question is how your dick works to get to its max. If it is cold, flaccid my dick is about 1". Looks tiny. If it is warm, it is maybe 3". It's very temperature sensitive. I'm a "grower" because it looks small but gets a lot bigger when aroused.

I know other guys who are just plain big flaccid, 5" or 6". I've asked a couple of them (from the gym) how large they get when erect and many say they are still 5" or 6". They just look bigger flaccid. They are "showers."

Are you a "grower" or "shower"?

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  • Not going to be much help here for ya. mine doesn't grow much, nor does it put up much of a show.
    Well doesn't help that I'm not circumsizied, cold I'm pretty much an innie, normal limp 3/4" to 1" long. Fully rock hard 2 1/2" to almost 3" long.

  • Mine's only a couple of inches completely soft. But hard is 7". My wife loves to put it in her mouth soft, and feel it grow hard. We have a contest to see if I can keep it soft for as long as possible. But it's always only about 20 seconds or less.

  • My dick is small flacid but grows to about 5-6 inches.

  • That’s a nice one

  • My dick is 9 inches hard, probably 7 inches limp. My wife pursued me cause she seen me naked. Her and I had never thought about eachother in that way, then we was at a party and another girl I knew dared me to show it. I did and next thing I knew my future wife was always coming over and asking me out.

  • A bitter sweet story.
    Average 6.5 here. My wife had an affair, when we were just dating, with a guy she says was as big as the biggest cucumber in in July. I had a fling too. We lived 50 miles apart. All's fair till we were married. Anyway she had an average sex drive before her big guy, she's been a nymphomaniac since.

  • I'm a grower. About 4-4.5" soft, 8"x6" hard.

  • My fiance is a grower and so is my previous ex. I was in a relationship with a shower too.

  • Well I'm not sure about this but my fiance's penis is a buried one. I guess it called that? You can only see the mushroom head buried. It's a large head but you cannot see any of his shaft, I adore sucking it like that, just the large mushroom head there. When it does get hard it's 3 inches.

  • Mushroom 🍄 heads are good no matter what size

  • I'd love to have a 3 speed love missile -- 3, 6 and 9 inches.
    Bet I'd dial up the 3" er most of the time. Bet he goes like a jackhammer for an hour. Bet backdoor is no problem too.
    stuck in at 6 here.

  • Yes anal is amazing because it's a nice size. But honestly, we have a wonderful sex life and I orgasm like crazy!

  • My guy is a shower i think. soft he's about five inches, thick at the shaft, tapers down to the head. he doesn't much bigger hard, maybe an inch or so.

  • My brother is a grower. Flaccid it about 4" then during foreplay he is at least 6". It feels great inside me.

  • Grower. 2 inches flaccid. 5.5 inches hard

  • That’s a good size there

  • Another grower. I'm about 7 inches fully erect, although some days I'm longer than others. Soft I'm usually 1-2" if it's warm. If it's cold, I'm mostly a pile of foreskin. Mine doesn't just grow in length, it grows in girth, significantly. I swear, it must take a pint of blood to run that thing because there is nothing to it when it is deflated.

  • I am a grower and love it, my wife calls me grewsome as while flacid I am very small but when aroused it stands up long, hard and thick

  • Im only 5" erect but Im a grower I guess. Typically 3" otherwise. My wife and I have seen bbc porn and shit where a guy is not aroused yet and is 8" and gets to 11". That's not me for sure. Im a white dude who just tries to do his best down the middle when he gets a chance.

  • The first time my wife saw my cock when we were undressing I knew she was not impressed because I have the same type of cock, grower.
    We started making out and things were getting really hot and my cock grew to the usual seven inches or so. I was teasing her with the head by rubbing against her lips, she reached down and grabbed my cock and her eyes lit up. Her mouth was open staring down at it and I could feel her rubbing harder against it, her eyes rolled back into her head fifteen minutes later as I was pounding her pussy stretching it out.

  • I’m a grower

  • Its certainly best to be a grower that way you can wear off the rack female panties, they cover you and feel so good

  • Yes they do feel good

  • Grower. When cold and flaccid maybe 1 inch. When boned 7 inches, and thick. It is well liked.

  • Mine is a shrinker. It's 7 inches flacid, and when it gets hard, it shrinks about an inch in length and stays about the same diameter.

  • Definitely a show-er. 7-1/2 inches soft...

  • Oh brother, guys sure like talking about their pee pees.

  • They like sending pics of them as well. I now have so many dick pics on my phone l have no idea whose cock was whose, apart from a few memorable ones.

  • Grower

  • I’m a grower, sometimes as little as 2 inches flaccid, but the close to 7” and thick when hard! I kinda like it this way! My little penis be like “surprise”!!

  • I'm a grower, 3" flaccid, 6" fully erect. I had a friend who was 4" flaccid, and 8" hard, and I'd call him a shower, even though he doubled in size...but, shit, so did I !

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