My aunty took advantage

I was out drinking one night with my brother and some friends, and somehow I ended up downtown by myself after a while of us drinking. I came to on some corner and I was with this lady, I didn't know who she was, I was really drunk and wanted to go home, but she insisted that I come to her place (found out she was my aunty) but she kept hitting on me so I gave in and went over. It was all sort of a blur because I was so drunk, but I remember her riding the shit out of my dick It was so fucking great, I came to with her on top of me I asked "what was happening"? She told me to be quiet and she put my dick inside her, it was all warm and she started riding really good. After she said her name was Stacey and oh my god, she is wild. So a month or so went by since I saw her (I didn't hang out downtown too often) I was at a bar downtown with my mom. It was late afternoon when we showed up. Later in the night we met up with Stacey, my mother introduced us and she said she was my aunty. We both smiled at each other and hugged like it was the first time we met. We all went home that night cause it was sort of weird hanging out with my mom and my aunty I just met one night. I hit on her sometimes but she trips on me and says she can't were related. I know she wants to fuck, the way she looks at me. One of these days, I'm gonna keep bugging to fuck her, I know shell give in. My aunty has a fat ass too, big titties. She's wild to fuck and I want more from her. Her lips around my dick.


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  • My aunt took my virginity when I was 12. 3 yrs later, I was having 3somes with her and her 13 yo daughter. I fucked them for the next 3 years, until I left for the service. I have over the years, fucked several family members, and shared my wife with my brothers. She always said there was nothing hotter than fucking 3 brothers at once.

  • That's hot. I would love to fuck my aunt.

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