I am a fairly handy guy when it comes to home repairs and a friend of mine who I have done quite a few things before called me up and asked if I would help out some friends of hers. She told me they were twin sisters and needed a few home repairs done and she thought of me for the work.
I showed up and they were indeed twin sisters even dressed alike with matching hair styles and all. I went over all the things that they were looking for and told them about how much I thought it all would cost and they were quick to go to somewhere in the house and bring back some cash. I told them they did not have to pay me until I was finished but they insisted on me keeping the cash and if it was going to be more just let them know. The job went great, I finalized everything and ended up giving them a little bit back, they insisted that I stay for dinner and thanked me over and over so glad they found a really honest person to do the work for them.
I think they are in their forties so they are about ten to twelve years older than I am, they are a little curvier than I prefer but very nice with bright eyes and really good cooks. I was suddenly getting the impression that they wanted something more after dinner because the conversation had become rather flirty to pretty much dirty. I thought to myself well, it has been quite some time since I even had an opportunity to be with a woman so why not spend a little time with these two since I had never done such a thing in my life.
Once I started flirting back and playing a little touchy feely these two women got turned on like crazy, they had me upstairs in their bedroom with hands moving all over the place. I was stripped naked and laid down on the bed while one of them kept her hands going all over and kissing me the other was removing her clothes only to show me the biggest pair of breasts I had ever seen. The next one followed suit while she climbed on the bed and started right in on my cock and as soon as the other one was undressed she was right back up on the bed putting those lovely breasts and nipples in sucking range.
I had no idea how long I was going to last but her oral talents were wonderful and next came the other one sliding over my chest and raising herself up over my face. I started licking her while she straddled me and grabbed the headboard, I reached up and wrapped my hands around her ass guiding her pussy right down. I was getting my fill of pussy when I felt the sucking stop for a second then the bed was moving around a bit and I could feel her thighs coming up my legs. She got my cock positioned then sat right down on it riding me, I was really feeling like part of the mattress as these two were enjoying being on top of me. I was staring up at her breasts when I saw a pair of hands come around from behind her and start caressing and squeezing her nipples. Her sister was playing with her breasts and she was loving every bit of it.
We stayed like that until the one on my face started moaning out and rubbing herself a little harder on me then she let out a long moan followed by shuddering and heavy breathing. She settled into small movements then slowly slid off the side watching her sister ride my cock. She also reached up and played with her sisters breasts while I was getting pushed down into the bed deeper. She started rubbing her own clit and bucking a little slower while she had an orgasm, I had still not had one yet as she slid off exposing my soaked cock. They both began moving in on it with their faces and the next ecstasy to come was my cock getting sucked and licked by the two of them. One would suck and lick then they would switch or one would be sucking on my cock while the other was sucking on my balls. I came with a great orgasm never once did they stop sucking on it all while I pulsated and shook from it. They were giggling a little bit then I heard one of them ask if I needed a break before round two, I told them you ladies can do whatever you want to do with me. They switched around and this time she started straddling my face backwards while the other one started sucking my cock back to a hard on.
Quite some time later and after they had both had a second orgasm they were back to sucking me off together, one of them was still laying on my chest with her legs spread wide and her pussy resting on my chin. I finally felt my cock welling up with my second and they just kept right on sucking it moaning out and licking it all over.
I still go back to their house every so often to do the same thing and they will call me up often and ask if I want to come over, I never say no and every time I am satisfied beyond my wildest dreams by those two ladies.

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